Европейская клиника: отзывы об отделении эндоскопии

Endoscopic techniques are essential in modern Oncology. By using them a doctor can solve many important tasks, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In this article we will talk about what types of care provide to cancer patients doctors of the endoscopy Department in the European hospital.

What treatments can be done endoscopically?

First and foremost is, of course, diagnostic endoscopy. With the help of special instrument – the endoscope – the doctor can examine the lining of the stomach (gastroscopy), colon (colonoscopy), bronchi (bronchoscopy), bladder (cystoscopy), and other organs.

In European clinic, dukhovskoy per., Moscow 22b, is used to explore high resolution on a modern machine. This gives the opportunity to detect even the smallest pathological changes.

In addition, endoscopy can be carried out the following procedures:

  • Biopsy. Finding in on the pathological changes, the doctor immediately with a special tool that can obtain a tissue sample from the suspicious area and sent to the laboratory for histological, cytological studies. It’s the most reliable method of diagnosis of cancer.
  • Andose. Some malignant tumors are not very easy to explore by means of transabdominal (through the abdomen) ultrasonography because they are pretty deep. During andose ultrasonic sensor is right at the end of the endoscope, allowing the physician to place it in the vicinity of the tumor.
  • Endoscopic surgeries. Some tumors, e.g., gastric cancer stage 0, can be removed without open surgery, during endoscopy.
  • Stenting. A stent is a short tube with a mesh wall of metal or special polymer. If the hollow body is a site blocked by the tumor, the physician during endoscopy can spend stenting. It is an effective and safe alternative to surgical procedures aimed at restoring patency. For example, the stent can be installed in the intestines, esophagus, bile ducts. It expands the lumen of the body and restores its permeability.

Without pain and discomfort

Usually endoscopy is a painless procedure, but during it the patient may experience some discomfort. In order to avoid them in modern clinics use light anesthesia – the patient is in a state of “sleep medication”. This helps to postpone the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Modern equipment, highly qualified doctors and comfort for patients – what made the European clinic at Tula receives feedback from many patients. Here know how to help.

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