Eugenia Feofilaktovoy threatened by the atrocities

Евгении Феофилактовой угрожали жестокой расправой Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” told that repeatedly received negative messages from people on social networks, but only once really threatened her. The man promised to mutilate the comely appearance of the girls.

      Евгении Феофилактовой угрожали жестокой расправой

      Many celebrities are under attack from inadequate fans or intruders. Ex-participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova once got into a situation that made her scared.

      Usually, the star did not respond to numerous negative messages on social networks, as she is quite envious. Many people want to have the same elegant appearance and a happy family, like Eugenia. However, one incident really alarmed model.

      “When I was a member of the project, I was often sent threats one and the same person. At first I didn’t pay attention to it, but after the next message in social networks that rejoice in its beauty I remained for several days, I really felt the danger,” – says Eugene.

      It turned out that hater TV star supposedly had problems with vision. “He must be very tormented, as in the profile of the person had a lot of cartoon characters with enlarged and distorted eyes. It looked creepy,” said Feofilaktova. The first thing she did was blocked the person so that he she didn’t write. The threats stopped coming.

      “Such negative hidden notorious, insecure, and unhappy people. They can’t stay indifferent to someone you see on the screen and they pour out their negative emotions,” the star shared his point of view with the magazine “the House-2”.

      By the way, not only the Internet, attackers interfere with Eugenia to enjoy life. Feofilaktova suffers from fraudsters who use her pictures to advertise a brand without the consent of the stars. “I resent the fact that my name means advertise slimming, publish my photos in swimsuits, write that I lost twelve to seventeen pounds, and urging the women to drink fat-burning cocktails. I do not do anything like that, these people use my photos illegally,” said the star after another fake advertisement. Feofilaktova supports the figure in a perfect shape through proper diet and hard workouts in the gym.

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