Евгений Папунаишвили впервые вывез дочь в Европу
The choreographer went with the baby to Italy.

Evgeniy papunaishvili with daughter Sophia

Photo: facebook

The most vigorous representative of the Moscow showbiz
Eugene papunaishvili rest in Italy with his wife Salima and their daughter Sophia. For
the baby, which last Friday was 5 months old, this trip was
first time in her life abroad. In Milan, the choreographer never parted with
girl, takes her with him on long walks around the city, and
noisy gatherings with friends. It is interesting that in these parts of Eugene and Salima is very
many friends — because she is originally from Italy.

“Soon, we to return to Moscow, in the usual mode 24/7, and while you can calmly about
all think and tune, says papunaishvili. — Relax on full
coil! The only thing we were not lucky, this weather. In Milan is now 12
degrees, wind, and rain. But we do not lose heart! The important thing is that my daughter food
schedule (laughs)”.

During an impromptu Italian vacation
Eugene and Salem celebrated romantic date: a year ago these numbers may papunaishvili
made his beloved proposal of marriage. It happened on the football
the match between
the teams of CSKA —that hurt Eugene — and the Tula Arsenal. During the break
between the halves he led Salem to the field and got down on one knee.

a special day in my, our with Salima life. Thank you very much for the warm
congratulations! And thank you CSKA for the opportunity to carry out my dream… She
said — Yes! then said Eugene. — For a long time so not worried! I


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