Евгений Папунаишвили забрал жену с новорожденной дочкой из роддома
Choreographer called “perfect daddy.”

Evgeniy papunaishvili with his wife Salima and their daughter Sophia

Photo: @Instagram e_papunaishvili Eugene papunaishvili

On the eve of Evgeny papunaishvili admitted he hid that a few days ago took my wife Salim and newborn daughter from the hospital. Probably the young father hesitated with the story about the statement, because I wanted first to settle and establish a life with a small child. Already on Sunday evening he announced to fans that a solemn statement was held on Friday.

Eugene has already shown himself as “an ideal father”. Papunaishvili have prepared everything necessary for the arrival of baby Sofia: have chosen and bought a crib, stroller, car seat and more.

“From this moment,I am fully responsible for their happiness and peace of mind,and prepared I specifically! You’ll gradually share what super furniture I have arranged. Stroller, baby bath, crib, car seat… and it’s only a small part. I have thought through every detail and only the best!” — said Eugene.

Coincidentally, papunaishvili became a father the day of his birth. For 36-year-old Eugene this child, as for his wife, was the firstborn. The first photo with Sofia the choreographer has also shown the day before.