Евгений Папунаишвили забрал жену и дочку из роддома Renowned dancer and TV presenter, who first became a father on Monday, December 11, on Friday took his wife and daughter home from the hospital. Eugene papunaishvili sharing touching photos with the statements in social networks.

This year Evgeny papunaishvili got the best gift for a birthday, which you can imagine. 11 Dec his wife Salima gave birth to a daughter. The girl decided to call Sophia.

About the joyous event Eugene said on social networks at once, on the same day. And received from fans and friends good greetings on this double holiday.

Eugene papunaishvili became a father for the first time

On Friday, Eugene took beloved wife and daughter home. And on Sunday shared with subscribers of this news and photo. Eugene admitted that he is incredibly happy! In addition, he said that he thoroughly prepared for the extract, and decorating the nursery, bought everything we needed.

“The happiest moments of my statements girls. From that moment on I full responsibility for their happiness and peace of mind, and prepared I specifically. You’ll gradually share what super furniture I have arranged. Stroller, baby bath, crib, car seat… And it’s only a small part. I planned everything to the last detail, only the best,” wrote Eugene.

We will remind, his lover, the stylist from Italy Salem, Eugene papunaishvili made an offer of marriage on may 13, and under very unusual circumstances: in public, right on the stadium at halftime of the match between CSKA Moscow and the Tula Arsenal. Salim, who he dated for about a year, agreed. Less than two months later, in July, Eugene and Salem got married.

Eugene papunaishvili married the Italian