Eugene papunaishvili told about the conflict with his wife

Евгений Папунаишвили поведал о конфликтах с женой The famous choreographer said that Salima is very explosive. According to Eugene, they have moments when they get into an argument. However, spouses can quickly make up.

This summer, the famous choreographer Eugene papunaishvili said goodbye to single status. Male combined knot with his girlfriend, Salima. They decided to get married in secret from his family, so he went to the registry office together. A few months later, they planned a grandiose celebration for family and friends. In an interview, journalists asked papunaishvili, as is his family life. According to the man, the lady is very explosive.

“We are both incredibly emotional people. You know, I have, of course, there are times when the “blinds closed,” but it is rare. And so in everyday life I am very peaceful, even calm. The wife of a temperament abruptly. When we are together something happy, emotions are high. Happiness, it seems to me, the Windows are cracked, the flooring breaks. But it happens and conflicts — we are real people. Our dog at this moment sits down and looks at us reproachfully: “Well, what are you fools!” And once it becomes funny. We can’t sulk at each other. Very quickly pull back and begin to laugh, to discuss something,” said Eugene.

However, papunaishvili claims that he would be bored with a more relaxed woman. The lovers lived together before the wedding, so I managed well to study the characters of each other. Besides, the couple could not seriously argue, as they spoke different languages. As told Eugene, with the time he had to learn a few Italian words, and Salim diligently mastered Russian.

At the moment the choreographer is busy with multiple projects, so can’t allocate the time to arrange a wedding celebration for friends. Presumably, Eugene and Salem will throw a festival in Italy, and then go to Georgia, where living relatives of the dancer. Eugene papunaishvili revealed details of the wedding with foreigner

“Right now I can’t protect it — I’m really buried in work. In addition to television, I have another very important international project: two concerts, one in Minsk and one in Paris. I think I would not stand up without the support of loved ones… my Wife now helps me emotionally,” admitted the choreographer in an interview with “TV Program”.