Евгений Папунаишвили преодолевает себя в общении с любимой Dancer and his fiancee speak different languages. However, Evgeny papunaishvili happy I met this amazing girl. The artist remembered that on the first date he had to use online translator to somehow carry on a conversation with the beloved.

      Popular dancer and choreographer Eugene papunaishvili hard to learn Italian. The fact that his beloved Salem is originally from Italy. Eugene could not pass by a unique girl with a bright appearance. But the language barrier did not become an obstacle to the feelings of young people. Despite some difficulties in communication, the artist finds a positive side.

      “We sometimes do not understand each other. She is absolutely stunning. Beautiful, fun, successful. She is making incredible progress in the Russian language, much more than I do in Italian. With us you can make a movie about the difficulties of translation. Sometimes it helps not to bring the situation to a huge scandal. For example, there is a kind of argument: I understand gestures, facial expressions, Salem dissatisfied with something, but I don’t understand, and I may even bring a smile,” says papunaishvili.

      With the development of the relationship the pair have learned to understand each other without words. First date dancer says with a smile. In order to somehow communicate, they called in the aid of modern technology. The whole evening Salem and Eugene used the Google translator to somehow make contact. Besides, the girl has biased attitude to the well-known choreographer from the many rumors, one of which was that activity and emotionality papunaishvili allegedly involved with drugs.

      “I failed to eat. At some point, leave. Fifteen minutes later again left. Salima have already developed oil painting. Then we went for a walk. But almost immediately I realized that I find it difficult to move, and offered to go to a cafe for a Cup of tea. As soon as we sat down at the table, I’m two seconds was gone. Came back absolutely happy – eyes on fire… Imagine what she thought?” – remembered Eugene.

      However, no obstacle could prevent the outbreak of a strong feeling between the young people. Happy he met an incredible girl, although she noted that always falls only to those who fully meet his ideas of a perfect life partner.

      “It might sound pontovo, all the girls in my life was special. Everyone was awesome. I have never had such – just to be with someone. I cannot be in relationship with ill-mannered girl, with a bitch with ugly internally and externally including”, – said the dancer in an interview with “OK”.

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