Eugene papunaishvili going to be a father

Евгений Папунаишвили станет отцом The wife of the choreographer is expecting a child. As it became known “StarHit”, Salim is in her sixth month of pregnancy. According to papunaishvili, family life has greatly changed him. Now he always hurries home to his beloved.

A new addition to the family of 35-year-old choreographer and regular guest of the show “Amazing people” on the “Russia 1” is expected at the end of the year. Wife of Eugene Salem is in her sixth month of pregnancy.

The expectant mother feels good and does not suffer from preeclampsia, so continues to travel with your loved ones. The couple recently returned from Italy where I visited the home of Salima in the city of Como. In social networks, they posted photos of the trip, but on all pictures Eugene gently covering the rounded form of his wife. “How you all remember and love, – said Yevgeny one of the pictures. Is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.” Rest is good, but home is always better.

“Before, I didn’t like to stay alone in a bachelor apartment – confessed papunaishvili “StarHit”. – I don’t speciliasts from the shooting, and now every night literally fly home, knowing that there is a tasty smell of food and was waiting for a beloved wife.”

Recall, Eugene and Salem were married in July of this year. The couple decided not to hold a big celebration, and modestly got married in a registry office. The couple chose the original outfits for the ceremony. Papunaishvili went to the painting in the sneakers, and his fiancee dressed in informal dress in knee length.

Eugene papunaishvili revealed details of the wedding with foreigner

“For us it was a special day. We both came to the registry office and got married. Nobody knew nothing about it. Came my older brothers. Then we made a surprise. Went to my parents cottage, they suspected nothing, for them it was a huge gift. We had a fabulous time. And the celebration will be later. Want to do a wedding pre-invite family and friends. It will be the Italian-Georgian feast,” said Eugene “StarHit”.