Евгений Папунаишвили улетел в свадебное путешествие
Marriage choreographer was a surprise even to his parents.

Evgeniy papunaishvili with his wife Salima

Photo: Instagram

Eugene papunaishvili surprised his fans secretly married. Happy
event in the life of a famous choreographer happened yesterday, choice was
Italian stylist of Salem, to whom he meets for about a year. “This day
will remember for a lifetime! We did it. Come together and have done, ‘ says
dancer. — I’m the happiest person!”

Lavish celebrations the couple to arrange did not become, having decided
spend the money on a honeymoon trip to Greece, where they flew today.
The marriage of Eugene was a complete surprise not only for friends, but even for
parents of the dancer. About this, Eugene told himself. “Thank you so much for
congratulations, says papunaishvili. Even for parents it was a surprise. When
after check-in we brothers came to them as they wept
happiness… Today we flew to Greece, where we’ll spend ten days.”

Recall bid
hands and hearts sweetheart Eugene made the original way
inviting her to the match between the teams of CSKA —for which sick papunaishvili and
the Tula Arsenal, and in the half-time break brought Salem to the field and stood on
one knee.

Girl Eugene papunaishvili from Italy, in Moscow, she
came to work, but eventually found personal happiness. In an interview with the dancer
choreographer and TV presenter admitted that parents are really looking forward to his marriage and
grandchildren, but he believes that this issue needed to trust fate.