Eugene papunaishvili can’t get along with his wife

Евгений Папунаишвили не может поладить с супругой
This summer, the popular choreographer Eugene papunaishvili tied the knot with chosen Salima.

Евгений Папунаишвили не может поладить с супругой

Young people played a secret wedding, he came to the painting in the registry office just the two of us, but after a few months they want to organize a loud celebration for family and friends. Recently Eugene said that he and his wife often quarrel.

“We are both incredibly emotional people. You know, I have, of course, there are times when the “blinds closed,” but it is rare. And so in everyday life I am very peaceful, even calm. The wife of a temperament abruptly. When we are together something happy, emotions are high. Happiness, it seems to me, the Windows are cracked, the flooring breaks. But it happens and conflicts — we are real people. Our dog at this moment sits down and looks at us reproachfully: “Well, what are you fools!” And once it becomes funny. We can’t sulk at each other. Very quickly pull back and begin to laugh, to discuss something,” said the choreographer.

But all the same Evgeny believes that other, more subtle, a woman he would have been bored, so he was all happy.

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