Женя Кузин и Саша Артемьева окончательно покинули «Дом-2» The star of the show “Dom-2” left of the project at the end of may. Cousins flew to Cyprus to see his son, who in the summer lives there with his mother, Margaret of Agibalova. Fans thought that he will return to the show. However, Eugene and his bride Sasha Artemova decided to continue to build relationships outside the perimeter of the “House-2”.

      Женя Кузин и Саша Артемьева окончательно покинули «Дом-2»

      Legendary member of the reality show “Dom-2” Eugene Kuzin finally left the project. First it was announced that he left the show to visit his son in Cyprus, and then the man himself informed the fans that will not return. He found love in the person of Sasha Artemov. The girl was accompanied by Cousin during his visit to the heir to Mitya. Agibalova and cousin finally made peace

      Fans hoped to the last that Sasha and Jack will be back in a TV show. However, a video message from the stars “House-2” upset the audience, as a cousin said they all left the project.

      “We Sanya dear Artemov found each other, built a love, thanks to you we’ll sail on this ship.” Dear viewers, we will appear, come on the show because “Dom-2″ is our family, we walk with a pure heart, a good mood”, – with such words appealed to the public cousin in the video, which appeared on the General page of the show’s producer Alexei Mikhailovsky.
      Женя Кузин и Саша Артемьева окончательно покинули «Дом-2»

      Artemova couldn’t think of anything to add to the words of the chosen one, so I just blew a kiss to the audience and promised that she will not disappear from their sight.

      Recall that long time fans of the reality show “Dom-2” are talking about how Eugene and Alexander were married. “The main thing that I love,” – said Artemov and patiently waiting for a hike to the Registrar. Beloved Cousin has managed to try on a dress in which she will say the cherished “Yes” elect. On the pages in social networks, the girl and the young man constantly recognized in their warm feelings for each other.

      To get married, Cousin it is necessary to finalize the divorce papers with a Margarita Agibalova and Artemieva seek need for painting papers to the Consulate since she is not a citizen of Russia. Recall that Artemova came to “the House-2” in September 2014. 20-year-old native of Lugansk, first is to build relations with Nikita Kuznetsov, but nothing came out. Then it drew the attention of the most popular male project, Eugene Kuzin. In the spring of 2015 party show already introduced Sasha to my family. Evgeny Kuzin presented beloved parents

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