Eugene Grishkovec drove viewers from the show

Евгений Гришковец выгнал зрителей со спектакля The actor was outraged at a misbehaving audience. Eugene Grishkovec twice interrupted the speech to make comments. The artist apologized to the rest of the audience.

      Евгений Гришковец выгнал зрителей со спектакля

      Every artist tries to please the audience at his speeches. Celebrities wear themselves out with endless rehearsals, trying to think through each step and hone your skills. During the concert or performance they share with the audience their emotions and expect respect from them. But not all come to the concert to enjoy performances by your favorite artists. Sometimes celebrities are faced with an audience that doesn’t respect their work.

      Recently on tour a famous actor and writer Evgenie Grishkovets has noticed his production of the man who slept during his performance. Artist outraged that sitting in the front row, a man I could not watch the solo performance of Eugene “whisper of the heart” and dozed off. Grishkovets insisted that this viewer left the room.

      “This man is a respected, well-known in the city a young DJ. An hour before the performance, he begged me to let him. And came in tipsy, and now sleeps”, – said the artist.

      Moreover, during the performance of Grishkovets has noticed, as one of the spectators taking pictures, although taking photos and video during the action on the stage actors forbidden. Eugene insisted that this photographer also left the hall.

      “I apologize for his lack of restraint in front of an audience, but I’m a passionate person, I can’t look at such insolence. How many times have noticed that the steeper the photographer’s equipment is, the bolder he gets,” – said Grishkovec.

      I must say that this is not the first case, when the actors are appalled by the audience who attended the performance. Not long ago, the famous actress Nastassja Samburski was also insulted by the behavior of the audience in the temple of art. She was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that people do not look at the artists, but every now and then distracted by their gadgets.

      “When people work for you, you can not be so shameless. Who needs video on a memory or an autograph, boys and girls, there is a service entrance! It is wrong, we need to understand. We are 600 people working! And then you mute forget, insolently your gadgets get even and, without hesitating, operatorship doing,” wrote furiously to the cinema.

      Unlike Samburski, Eugene twice interrupted the performance, which brought inconvenience to the rest of the audience. As reported by portal, Grishkovets apologized to the audience.

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