Eugene Gray’s wife, personal life

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

The fame of the stylist Eugene Gray brought the program “Cinderella. Restart” and “Reboot”. For several years he has had a brilliant career and became popular. The talented stylist is bright enough biography. A master of his craft, Evgeny every day gives someone the good fortune to be beautiful. Of course fans of a stylist interested, who is the wife of Eugene Gray, does he have children.

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

In the photo: Eugene Gray

Personal life of Eugene Gray

About my personal life stylist in the media was mentioned infrequently, most often you can find the information about his participation in various TV shows and events of a secular nature. The lack of specific information inevitably leads to speculation and gossip. The pictures appear in social networking, a popular stylist is depicted with colleagues then shop: Yulia Baranovskaya and Yuri Stolyarova. Photos from Stolyarova allows people superficial, sensation-seeking dubious persuasion, to draw a conclusion about homosexual men.

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

In the photo: Eugene Gray and Yuriy Stolyarov

However, Yuri has a daughter, it is known that she can have a make-Aper there, so all the talk and calm down. But sharing a photo with a colleague, ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin and her children, involuntarily suggest fans of the popular talent stylist to the idea that Yulia Baranovskaya if not a civil wife of Eugene Gray, it is clearly for this honorary place claims. It would seem that the personal life of Eugene Gray should remain beyond public opinion, and you should not poke her nose, an — no! The popularity and love of fans (fans) have to pay.

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

Eugene Gray and Julia Baranovskaya

Biography of the stylist

Hometown of Eugene Gray (b. 4 February 1976) was Saransk, and when the boy was eight years old, his parents moved to Krasnodar Krai. Zhenia’s mother his entire life was devoted to medicine, therefore it is not surprising that after graduating from high school, Eugene decided to go to med school. school to become a medical assistant-the laboratorian. He liked chemistry, especially organic. In addition, the school he was addicted to modeling hairstyles. Knowing the basics of skill while chatting with a friend the Barber, he began to cut his relatives, then neighbors…

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

Eugene Gray at work

This was going to be calling a very talented young man, who liked to change people, and with them the world, creating a fresh, beautiful images. Jack is not very fond of outdoor games, football, almost never participate in fights, as he knew that his future work requires careful treatment to the hands. The Barber profession is choosing a future stylist. But as a man of vision, he knew that communication with people will require a knowledge of human psychology. Go and find out what it wants the customer/client when going for a corporate party, what will be her outfit, shoes…

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

So the stylist has two educations: medical and psychological. Perhaps it is this combination of love of beauty and childhood Hobbies helped Eugene Gray to reach the top craftsmanship, making the workplace a stylist in the Studio of a talented artist. To achieve a high professional level, Eugene studied in Paris, and internship took place at the famous stylist Maurice Milona. In addition, he graduated from the school of Vidal Sassoon in London, and his experience exceeded the twenty-year milestone.

Eugene Gray's wife, personal life

Eugene Gray in the “Cinderella. Reset”

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