Женя Феофилактова рассказала, как ей изменял Антон Гусев The star of “House-2” spoke about the true reasons for the breakup with her ex-husband. Communicating with fans, Eugenia Feofilaktova noted that left Anton Gusev due to his numerous infidelities, which the man clumsily tried to hide.
Женя Феофилактова рассказала, как ей изменял Антон Гусев

Despite the fact that the project “DOM-2” is helping lonely hearts to find each other, not every couple manages to keep their relationship outside the perimeter. So, a couple of years ago, shocked fans unexpected breakup Feofilaktova Evgenia and Anton Gusev.

Until recently, it seemed that the ex-wife Gusev absolutely do not touch his new relationship with Victoria romanet. However, recently Eugene spoke harshly about the reasons for the breakup with the ex-spouse. Communicating with fans, she noted that it is not brokenly and she initiated the divorce.

“I cannot change someone. I can only go until someone has a “secret” sex machines”, – said the star of “House-2”.
Женя Феофилактова рассказала, как ей изменял Антон Гусев

Fans were shocked by such candor, because Eugene studiously avoids the subject of personal life. Lately, she tries not to comment on their attitude to the new wife of Anton Gusev, while refusing to talk about his own novels.

Earlier Feofilaktova already told “StarHit”, that the rupture with her husband was caused by romanet. According to Eugenia, the opponent provokes indifference, mixed with negativity.

“She climbed into the family. If it was a girl that appeared after my divorce, I would be able to teach her how to communicate with our son. But when she unceremoniously met, knowing that the family has a child, this man I can not command respect. We broke up due to the fact that Anton started Dating Vika,” admitted Eugene.
Женя Феофилактова рассказала, как ей изменял Антон Гусев

By the way, fans of Feofilaktova for several months to discuss her new novel with a mysterious man. The star of “House-2” refuses to give his name. She recently threw a great feast in honor of the birthday of a loved one. Fans immediately assumed that the culprit of the celebration was the beloved Eugene.

Eugene Feofilaktova provoked rumors about a new beloved

Apparently, divorce has benefited and Gusev, and Feofilaktova, because after breaking up they were able to find happiness in a new relationship.