Евгению Феофилактову срочно отправили к врачу
The former star of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova very rarely shares with followers unpleasant news. Most often, Jack publishes the record, which tells about the active life, the lessons of the son, numerous photo shoots and repairs in the house.

Евгению Феофилактову срочно отправили к врачу

But it turned out that Zhenya had problems with health, such as severe stomach pains. She told about it in one of the recent posts.

“Please advise a delicious and simple meals/foods good for the stomach (hurts) and I absolutely can not”

– asked Eugene from followers.

It is unclear what due to the deterioration of health of Feofilaktova, but the majority of subscribers are advised to urgently consult a doctor.

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