Eugene Feofilaktova provoked rumors about a new beloved

Евгения Феофилактова спровоцировала слухи о новом возлюбленном Eks-the participant “Houses-2” threw a great birthday party for the mystery man. Eugene Feofilaktova, refuses to name the culprit of the celebration, but fans are sure that the occasion was organized in honor of its second half.
Евгения Феофилактова спровоцировала слухи о новом возлюбленном

Eugene Feofilaktova is considered one of the most successful ex-participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. A young woman engaged in business, is actively involved in a variety of shooting and even playing at the theater. However, after her divorce from Anton Gusev, she prefers not to advertise personal life. Fans believe that the charming beauty has a boyfriend, but she refuses to comment on the subject.

The other day Eugene threw a great celebration for the mystery man. She posted several photos of the holiday, noting that the celebration was organized for a very close person.

“Yesterday we had the celebration of the birthday of our near and dear man. Really having a good time,” – said Feofilaktova.

Many fans of the former participant “Houses-2” has paid attention that on a gorgeous holiday cake the one with the big letter “T”. They suggested that this letter starts the name of the beloved young woman. “I think his name is Tigran. I’ve read somewhere about this, All write that the birthday was her husband. Here only I do not remember that Jack got married”, “What a great holiday. Everything is so great and tastefully done”, – shared his opinion of the fans of Eugene.

The holiday really was great. Feofilaktova decorated the entire room with giant balloons in the shape of a crown and the letters that made up the word “Tiger”. Gathered for the celebration only those closest to Eugene people.

Fans assume that the young woman does not want to advertise the relationship with her lover, to protect them. According to them, Eugene in the near future can marry.

Itself eks-the participant “Houses-2” prefers to share or professional achievements, or a touching photo with her son. Little Daniel is the main joy for a stellar mom. She tries to be around the boy all the free time, not tired to celebrate his achievements.

“Today, Daniel doesn’t feel well. That is why we have the whole day lying in bed, cuddling and talking. I love these moments”, wrote Feofilaktova.

Apparently, Eugene was able to establish normal relations with her ex-husband Anton Gusev. Recently my little Daniel spent a few days with the father. Happy father shared joint photos with the boy.

Eugene previously complained that Anton does not pay her child support. It is possible that the ex-wife have settled the financial issues, and now Danielle may enjoy contact with both parents.