Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне» The former participant “Houses-2” openly told “StarHit”, for which he will never forgive ex-spouse. She stated that she will never marry, confessed how her life changed after the departure of Anton Gusev family, think about plans for the future and confessed, who now became the most important man in her life.

      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»

      Still not cease talking about breaking Feofilaktova Evgenia and Anton Gusev, one of the most beautiful couples of the controversial project “Dom-2”. The reality show they found each other, and then left the clearing to build a happy family: the birth of an heir, got a dog, opened a joint business. This New year 27-year-old man met with another girlfriend, Victoria romanet, while Eugene with his son flew away from the problems in Cyprus. The correspondent of the “StarHit” met with Evgenia in one of the best Metropolitan restaurants, which hosted the premiere of the music video with her participation. Feofilaktova told how kept after divorce and resolves problems with business and shared why it does not meet the Boyfriends back.

      Understand that divorce is one of the most unpleasant events for women. How are you holding up?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»Divorce became for me a turning point. During our life together, my ex-husband never said bad things about me, not humiliated as it does now. Honestly, I don’t understand why he behaves. I wanted noble to disperse and not to wash dirty linen in public. All the time spent in marriage, was a decent wife did not admit to himself any man. So I do not understand such attitude to me.
      Almost immediately after the divorce, you starred in a sensual clip of a Shaman. It was hard to play love on camera?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»It was a real challenge for me, because it was necessary to cross some border. My partner and portrayed strong feelings. Us the Director wanted to show the tenderness, passion, love. And at that time I just met with a Shaman, so at first it was hard for me to show feelings for another man. —
      I watched the clip, you did 100%! Portraying the love you thought about Anton?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»You know, no. I liked to cooperate with the Shaman, and now we communicate very well. He is a wonderful man, there were many memorable moments: we laughed and helped each other, counseled, how do we depict love. For example, there was a situation during the filming mysteriously disappeared charging, and charging is all…. Because the phone is my life, I gotta have one. And the Shaman saw me upset and pulled out my charger, all rewound tape and said, “Jen, take it”. This, of course, a trifle, but so nice. And now the charger is always with me, even now. And with her I shall not leave, she became my mascot. In the end, we all failed! And this clip I remembered that I crossed the border. Because I did not allow myself to act in such scenes. Work in connection with some other man was always banned.
      During the married life of Anton a lot forbidden to you?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»Because of him, I refused several offers to star in movies. And I even called to star in the Thriller, and the proposals do not stop, but I always answered: “No”, because it didn’t like my husband. Now I’m a free bird – I still can! Now, when there is a large number of proposals, I agree. I have already started to pour in the various requests: to star in two more videos. So nice that I see as a potential actress. I have a feeling that I have dumped a load in moral terms. In front of me opened all the roads, and the feeling that fortune smiles at me after the divorce. —
      By the way, how’s business?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»Now it turns out that Anton left without any problems, and I have a dog, Babysitting, child, rent space in a shopping center and so on. My ex somehow did not believe that we need to provide. Of course, I myself do it, I don’t need anything. This is quite impossible to do, because even the true love can turn into hatred. Pay special attention to the development of the business. Currently I am the General Manager of the boutique, doing rebranding. Workers repainted dressing rooms in the color Marsala, and also have already ordered furniture. Now everything will be redone. Soon will come a new banner, and the name of the store will change to include your name and surname.

      Why you are unable to keep at least a friendly relationship?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»Anton has a lot of lies about me. It is very sad, I’m his ex-wife, and he makes up stories that never happened. I now could answer to shell out a lot of interesting things. But I will not do that because, first and foremost, I respect the man I chose. Anton gave me a child, and for this I am very grateful. Will not fall to what he does. Let it remain on his conscience, I will continue to go and instead of negativity, as does my ex-husband, I can direct my energy in a positive direction.—
      All this time you thought about his return?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»First, I, like any girl, I wanted to think that he cannot live without me. Maybe that’s why he talks about me, he writes the posts – it’s weird, because if you look at my “Instagram”, I have no publications about it, in fact, I removed all the comments that they write, especially the negative. Before me it was flattering, but now I’m afraid that Anton would break up with Victoria and want to come back to me. I will say that there is no turning back! God forbid he will remain in a new relationship, because we have exactly nothing. Let is under her care. Our paths diverged, and now I realize that life is much more beautiful.—
      It is very wise, and I want to say that you look beautiful…lost a lot of Weight it was nerves?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»I will say this: I want to lose weight – break up with her man. In fact, I recently had veneers done and could not eat for a long time. Therefore, during this adjustment, I lost a lot of weight. Plus more active lifestyle, sleep for three hours now, given that such a heavy sleeper. Because I fell on all the issues: career, I’m mom and dad for the son in one person, I will not allow that little something you want, and I won’t be able to give. Some people say: “Find yourself a sponsor, a rich man,” but I don’t want to!
      Noticed that you must have a lot of fans. I really don’t like?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»You’ve probably seen pictures of huge bouquets, gifts and rings… This young man I made it clear that it is not ready for a new relationship because you don’t want to be obligated to anyone. I have a lot of fans! I talk, flirt, get compliments and flowers, as any free girls. I have the right! But a serious relationship I don’t need anyway, and get married, I don’t want. And do not know if… I’m my own boss and that makes me feel good!

      How do you plan to raise your son? Anyone see him in the future?
      Евгения Феофилактова: «Боюсь, Антон расстанется с Викторией и вернется ко мне»I once went to a fortune teller in Kirov, she laid out the cards. Although I don’t believe it all, snob… Then she told me a divorce. Assured me that Daniel has a great future. It is a world star, but I certainly wanted my son was a financier or diplomat, I wanted to become a real man. I think I will give it to play hockey. This is a serious sport. I have already agreed on the first session, when the son stand up on skates. Also Daniel enjoys creativity. Perhaps later I will give it into the ensemble “fidget” or to a single Director, who conducts courses for children. I was going to do his son’s life. Daniel for me, the Prince!—
      You’re not going to limit the influence of the father on the child?
      I’m not one of those moms who forbids his son to hang out with dad, of course, if it not will be bad to influence him, so at this point do not interfere. Max, what I did is I filed for child support. Because of financial support from Anton no. Of course, to me is just enough, but not forget that he has a son, and additional income never hurts anyone. I am not forbidden to Anton to go to Dubai together with Daniel, although the former husband was flying on holiday with his new girlfriend. Hope they will conduct themselves with dignity, do not let yourself too much in front of the child. The boy does not yet understand why his dad with another woman. I miss my son, watching how he eats there, as dressed. Anton will never be together anymore, but I tell myself that I have to give it to communicate with the child. We have to establish a relationship, ex-husband calls and says. This is good, because, first and foremost, we are parents.