Eugene Feofilaktova first came to light after a divorce

Евгения Феофилактова впервые вышла в свет после развода Ex-participant reality show “House-2” lit at the party in Moscow. At the ceremony, award LF City Awards Eugene appeared in the company of a friend. The young woman had fun and looked very impressive.

      Евгения Феофилактова впервые вышла в свет после развода

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Eugenia Feofilaktova announced a few days ago that divorced her husband Anton Gusev. Many of her fans, this news is literally shocked, because former members of telestroke seemed such a happy couple. The reasons for the separation ex-spouses prefer not to tell. Eugene Feofilaktova divorcing her husband

      On the eve of the event LF City Awards Eugene Feofilaktova appeared in the company of a friend. The young woman looked amazing in a dress with bare shoulders. Like most guests, she did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with the main star of the evening, Gianluca Vacca, who once again flew in from Italy to Russia.

      Eugene simply refused to talk about the divorce, explaining that doesn’t want her personal life became public. But a friend joked that Feofilaktova now found only with her. Ex-participant reality show was in a good mood and enjoyed the holiday atmosphere.

      We will remind, about breaking up with husband Jack personally told his fans on the social network page. “We have now everyone has their own personal life. We stayed in a wonderful relationship, dignity broke up. And this makes me very happy, because we are, first and foremost, parents. Anton every day visits Danielczyk. So please you, let no dirt and unnecessary lies and delusional terrible gossip,” wrote the reality star on Twitter. By the way, to avoid unwanted attention from strangers, the young woman has restricted access to his page.

      Anton Gusev also prefers not to discuss with journalists the details of what happened in their family. “If I start to believe I’ll go mad” – so says the owner any rumors about his personal life. Apparently, he and ex-wife will try to devote equal time to my son, Daniel, to their breakup didn’t affect the baby.

      Fans are still trying to find out why her grandson had decided to leave. “So sorry that you and Jack broke up, my husband and I also have a lot of problems was there, but our love wins”, “it is a Pity when such a beautiful couple falling apart”, “You and Jack make a lovely couple, and everyone knows that”, “Try your difficulties to experience together,” said the followers of Anton.