Eugene Feofilaktova filed for child support

Евгения Феофилактова подает на алименты Celebrity and her ex-wife will meet in court. Eugene said “StarHit” why are dissatisfied with the attitude ex-husband to their child and explained that forced her to take extreme measures. Anton Gusev did not remain silent and also spoke on this topic.

      Евгения Феофилактова подает на алименты

      Almost five years came from the “House-2” was considered a strong family. But the idyll came to an end. Now the only link between ex-spouses parenting 5-year-old heir of Daniel who lives with his mother. According to Feofilaktova, Gusev forgot about the boy, hadn’t seen him in almost two months.

      “Anton does not participate in the upbringing of the child, it does not care what he eats, what money he dresses and how he lives, – says Zhenya “StarHit”. – If before the Pope at least the products brought now nothing.”

      Despite the fact that Eugene with my son enjoying all the pleasures of life – going on vacation, arrange holidays, and recently moved into a new apartment, to put up with indifference Guseva, she is not going. This month she intends to appeal to the city court to pay alimony.

      “I told Anton, gave the benefit of the doubt – continues Feofilaktova. But if he won’t do good to be true. Now let Daniel fly to Kirov to the anniversary of my mother. When I get back in a week, will immediately go to court!”

      Gusev himself with the arguments of the former wife do not agree. It is recognized that a long time has not seen his son due to problems with business and complex relationship with new girlfriend Victoria romanet.

      “Jack’s exaggerating. I always call Daniel or nanny. The other day I wanted to pick it up, but my son had a fever. I resent that he can’t handle two women – meets ex-husband. – Proposed to buy drugs, asked what, but I was told that is all. No matter what I do, my ex-wife will not be pleased. Want to apply for child support please I’ll pay!”

      As it turned out, Anton Gusev took on a new activity. It brings him a stable monthly income in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. He also plans to open her own boutique.

      “Now I have the opportunity to better provide for the child and do everything for his happy childhood, – says Anton. – I even think to make Daniel the face of the brand”.