Eugene Feofilaktova explained why fires nannies

Евгения Феофилактова объяснила, почему увольняет нянь Ex-participant reality show “House-2” told, what person she could trust his beloved son Daniel. This person must be able to cook well and don’t raise your voice at her child.

      Евгения Феофилактова объяснила, почему увольняет нянь

      Due to the busy schedule of Eugenia Feofilaktovoy very difficult to constantly be with the child, so she had to find his son, a nanny, the boy was always supervised, surrounded with care and affection. However, the choice of candidates for this role ex-participant of “Dom-2” came very seriously.

      “The first time he took his son with him on business but he tired quickly. It became clear that the child needs a different routine and diet,” said Eugene.

      Stellar mummy hardly was able to find a suitable nanny to the child. “One put dirty socks in the drawer with clean clothes, the other were preparing fatty meals, the third couldn’t cook at all, and the fourth I put out the door as soon as she raised her voice at my son,” recalls Eugene.

      According to TV stars, she needed a special nurse, who would not use social networks and would be moderately caring and strict. In their attempts to find the perfect candidate Eugene went through seven nannies, and in the end, her quest to succeed.

      “Our nanny used to work at the Kremlin officials. All her life she had devoted to his work. She has perfectly worked out the mode for the child, she prepares delicious, and most importantly – for all the time you work with us nanny never raised his voice to Daniel,” shared the former participant of “House-2”.

      Eugene so liked the woman who watches over her son that she doesn’t even want to give Daniel in kindergarten. TV star does not prevent warm relations between the son and the nanny. “Daniel understands that mother is me, and to the nurse as it relates to my grandmother,” – said Feofilaktova in an interview with the magazine “the House-2”.

      Eugene Feofilaktova and her husband Anton Gusev are successful businessmen. The couple opened a nationwide chain of stores Boutique GUSEVY, and began a business selling children’s products via social networks. Their young son Daniel does not remain aloof from the fashion business: in his three years he has made his debut on the catwalk as a model. Fans Feofilaktovoy long admired the photography of Daniel from the podium and showered the compliments addressed to the son of the ex-participants “House-2”.

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