Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж» The former participant of “House-2” told about his personal life. Eugene Feofilaktova told “StarHit” about the relationship with ex-husband Anton Gusev, the education of their child and plans for the future.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»

Six months ago the stars “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev divorced. A young woman said “StarHit” what is happening in her life after breaking up with her husband. A young woman has not yet committed to the relationship, despite the fact that it is surrounded by a huge number of fans. Now Feofilaktova puts in front of other objects and tries to spend as much time as possible with her son Daniel, who was born in marriage to Gusev.

Jack, after a divorce you and Anton were going to sell your common business clothing boutique. Than business has ended?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Initially financed this project and I, therefore, after a breakup left him. Now the business is solely mine. So I continue to work for the fourth year, thank God, all is well. —
Is it more difficult to cope with things without Anton?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»No, on the contrary. Hard when at the head of some business there are two people. The fact that I’m not alone in this life, I am surrounded by professionals and just good people willing, AIA owner. I have since high school “excellent pupil syndrome”, so now everywhere in the documents, papers, reports. Importantly, the business is booming, the budget is growing. Of course, the oligarch has not yet become. —
Do you plan to expand or start some new activities?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Still, I have shooting, but now I try to keep them to a minimum. Hysterically enough to go on photoseam. Of course, the temptation is there, but then you realize that it will have to spend the whole day. On television programs I come only when discussing some social issues. Recently talked about the choice of nannies and child support. For me is now a priority to spend time with the child. I admit, I have a big goal – in the autumn, his birthday, to buy a house my son and me. I do not deny that rented accommodation.—
You just recently showed a new atmosphere in the house. Was not a pity to spend time, money and effort on the flat, which’ll be out soon?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»This is a nice house with repairs and I only bought the interior details, which when moving will be taken to a new home. I want to rent an apartment in the same area, which is now removed. I like this place, for Daniel there is a nice garden, and the air is clean. So buying an apartment – is the main task. Take with a rough finish, I want to do everything by himself, like a little Palace, here, to choose the tiles already. So I’m going to become a real Muscovite, and Daniel too. Of course, you can shoot, but their home is quite another matter.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»
Once you talked about wanting to go into politics. Do not change your mind?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»No, I don’t leave this idea. While I reflect and rejoice in the fact that this profession is not a “shelf life”, that is mostly come in more Mature people. While I’m not politics, I am for six months after the divorce, restore the nervous system, change documents. I did get his name – Feofilaktova. I vystavyat in the spirit: “Eugene, get real, what kind of policy”. But I need to develop, I’ll go to English, I want to understand what they are talking about foreigners, when you go on trips. I was taught German at school, so this for me is a new language. To hang out I no longer want. I believe that I have now is the age where you can engage in self-realization. —
If you see your future in politics, maybe going to University to do?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Yes, of course I don’t rule that out. Many a misconception about me, but I have a higher education. I graduated from the same University, and Olga Buzova, Saint-Petersburg State University, in management of the organization. Also I graduated from art School. I plan to continue to improve their skills.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»
In this busy schedule you have time for a personal life? Or are you denied visits?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»When I got divorced, the phone never stopped ringing – I was looking for events, parties. And I thought: “what? Well, I’m in a restaurant, sing, talk – and then what?” I decided that perhaps two years is not going to rush headlong into a new relationship. I admit, I now no who novels. There is no need to immediately start a new relationship, as my ex-husband. However, it all started in parallel. Want to enjoy freedom, to live for yourself, in complete harmony. I have a clear schedule, the child is also good. —
And if there are some domestic problems, also the need to solve them?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Thank God, no. Men is always there for me enough, saying, “Jack, please come in any time.” So I do not do, I always will help, will make the necessary calls. Male business with me fully charged. I am a woman, do not refuse attention, not Amazon. Now my heart is ajar, because the divorce played a role, anyway.—
The quality now pay attention to the men?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Masculinity, brutal love. Look at things, the elemental relationship to the woman – takes any bags from the store, opens the doors. Want to become an advocate and support for the family and I could relax. The main thing – not a TV person, not the one who will show off on camera, to push me from the mirror. I’m at no hinting, it’s just the overall look. But the main factor is the attitude of my child. Daniel will be the first, whose response I’m going to pay attention to. Age for me does not matter, but, of course, would not want a youngster or old fart with saggy belly that will keep me. There are men who in 26 years wise, and there are those who are 50 – bangers are walking around in colored shirts on the street wants to meet a young girl. Now I’m free and not committed to marriage. If I meet a man and understand what it’s fate will get married and have a baby. I’m not one of those who will go to different places to someone to meet you. Even today I can get married, but who cares? For the record, for all to see, how I am supposed to be happy? This is nonsense! I don’t want to get burned.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»
As Daniel touched upon the subject of that in your life, perhaps there will be another man?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»I solve problems as they arrive. While there’s no need. Everything will come by itself when necessary, explain. Daniel all right, dad lives five minutes from us, however, rarely sees. —
The son asks why you and Anton together. Maybe he wants you to be a family again?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»At first this was. When we discussed the vacation, I asked if he wants the nanny flew with us. He said, “No, I’ll fly you and dad.” He will, of course, it was. But over time, Daniel says less about him, just knows that his dad is. If before he didn’t realize that Anton and I are no longer together, now seem to have understood, because it says: “We are with dad on the trampoline.” I hope that for his son our divorce did not become a trauma. We have all harmony – walk together, he goes to football. Of course, I understand that kisses the hugs we will not go far, and soon he will need men’s upbringing to his right.—
And you do not insist that Anton gave more time to the son?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»At first it was this, but not now. When Anton it does not take me even calmer. Maybe it is selfishness on my part. But I don’t interfere. There was one time in my life when I wouldn’t let her son because of the temperature. Since there is no such. Anton I don’t call at all, only in extreme cases. He recently said that helping his son financially. I can assure you that not a single penny was transferred during this time. First, I called for a conscience, but let’s see what will happen next. This is my son, I realized that give birth to itself.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»
As you explained Daniel, who Vick is and how he is to treat?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»We never discussed this topic, he somehow, subconsciously not talking about it. When Daniel returns from his father, only mentions it. The first time he had against Vick the negative, and now it is not. Maybe this is the merit of Anton. —
And you’re not jealous when Daniel spends time with Vika?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Of course, like any mother, I hate. Moreover, she climbed into the family. If it was a girl that appeared after my divorce, I would be able to teach her how to communicate with our son. But when she unceremoniously met, knowing that the family has a child, this man I can not command respect. We broke up due to the fact that Anton started Dating Vic. Now I just ask the ex-husband to the baby, there was no vulgarity. Like the son in the order, so I relaxed. Moreover, once a month seeing each other, it is possible not to worry.—
And in some cases you can call Anton, can you go for help?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»I to contact. He told me did not help, don’t even remember what he had decided. There are people who are more anxious to me. He has his own life, and I have mine. I’m not calling. We’re all good. I hope it will continue.—
That is, you’re not going to keep in touch with Anton and friends families, as some?
Евгения Феофилактова: «Могу хоть сегодня выйти замуж»Why? How his life affects me? We spoke only recently about alimony, but it was an empty argument. I decided it was better just to zero to keep contact. Let transfers the money on the card, and brings me receipts for the two curds. Promised that with the fourth number will be regularly translated. He can not understand that it is not necessary to me, and the baby? For Daniel, the money will not be superfluous – to buy him a car or cleats to practice. My reluctance to communicate is not associated with hatred, just we have nothing to discuss. I know families where after divorce fathers every weekend to take the kids. Of course, there are the former spouses have shared conversations, they make plans for the future kids. And we have – he takes Daniel’s once a month, and I can’t see him, and all through the nanny. God forbid, they have to swear to be his children to whom he will relate more responsibly.