Eugene Feofilaktova divorcing her husband

Евгения Феофилактова разводится с мужем Eks-the participant “Houses-2” reported discord in the family. Spouse Eugene Anton Gusev also noted that they decided to leave. Fans of the pair are surprised and wonder what made them take this step.

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova no longer able to hide the fact that her family is not going smoothly. The woman admitted on the social network page that she parted with her husband Anton Gusev. She explained, why not say it’s a sad izvestnie as soon as they begin to have problems.

      “We no longer live together with Anton. We broke up. But we did not write and did not speak, because they wanted to survive this difficult period of calm, without gloating comments and unwanted advice. Now it’s been enough time, so we decided no more of you to cheat. We now have everyone has their own personal life. We stayed in a wonderful relationship, dignity broke up. And this makes me very happy, because we are, first and foremost, parents. Anton every day visits Danielczyk. So please you, let no dirt and unnecessary lies and horrible delusional gossip. It just happens,” said Eugene, placing old black-and-white frame together with her husband

      Fans and friends of Feofilaktova couldn’t believe that Eugene really parted with her husband. However, checking the web page for her husband, Anton, they were convinced that the couple was not joking. “We had a month ago with Eugene consciously made the decision to leave. Now is the time to report it. Each of us will be happy, but separately. I have to thank my Wife for everything that happened during these 4.5 years of living together, and most importantly, for my beloved lion, son. We parted in a friendly and warm relationship. I’m always with my son. Life goes on and we must move forward with good thoughts and intentions,” – said Gusev.

      Eugene and Anton were considered the perfect couple. Spouses managed to combine work and personal life. Huseby own a store that sells men’s and women’s clothing. A month ago attending the birthday party guests Genis noted that the couple looks perfectly happy. The husband gave to his beloved woman a great holiday in one of the restaurants of the capital. “I want to see on your face is always only a smile and tears of joy. I always give everything I can, trying to please, even if it doesn’t always work, we are all imperfect, but most importantly, catering”, such lines devoted wife, left in a holiday Anton on his page in the social network. Husband Eugene Feofilaktova threw her a luxury holiday

      Surprisingly, despite the discord in the family, Eugene and her husband together have attended various social events, and acted as if nothing happened. Fans didn’t like it, and many have accused the former participants of the reality show that their divorce is another PR. However, there were also those who supported Feofilaktovu.