Eugene Feofilaktova blames his father and mother in the collapse of her marriage with Anton Gusev

Евгения Феофилактова винит отца и мать в крахе брака с Антоном Гусевым The star of “House-2” said she wasn’t a good example of family relations. Eugene Feofilaktova talked about what happened to modern men. She does not lose hope to meet a decent person who can build strong relationships.

Last year broke one of the brightest couples of the reality show “Dom-2” Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev. Despite the fact that the couple has a common child of Daniel, it could not save their marriage from collapse. Recently, a woman appeared on the Orthodox channel “Spas”, discussing modern relations between men and women. Feofilaktova spoke about the reasons why they came to divorce.

“The problem comes from the family. I myself grew up without a father, I put a tick: my child will not grow up without a father. But life so happened that I have not seen the right example, I have not fate. Do not seek the reason in her husband, both to blame,” admitted Eugene.

Feofilaktova believes that now many men take responsibility in the upbringing of the child and continue to live their lives, and mothers give all of themselves to the baby. According to the stars “House-2” it is frustrating to hear the arguments of some of the ladies who believe that women give birth to children only for themselves. Her outraged such a statement – she believes that every parent should be interested in the child.

Eugene did not hide the fact that she doesn’t like it when some men focus too much of their appearance and try to impress the users of social networks. She cited the example of Anton Gusev, who, in her words, “photographed in the Maldives muscle”, while she thinks about what mugs and sections to give son.

Feofilaktova considers himself a weak woman who needs protection and support force half of humanity. She hopes to be able to meet its destiny to be a mother. Though the star of “House-2” criticizes modern men, she has no doubt that it will win the attention of a decent man. Eugene Feofilaktova: “even today Can get married”

“We used to have a male associated: hero, warrior. Now the insect. Is it women do? Maybe men have become so passive that women have to take things into his hands, to become more emancipirana?” – is surprised Evgenie.