Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев разводятся в прямом эфире Former members of “House-2” share details of the hearing. Today Eugenia Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev went to the meeting. Fans still can’t believe that they are no longer together.

      Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев разводятся в прямом эфире

      The news about the divorce of one of the most beautiful pairs of former members of “House-2” Anton Gusev and member of Feofilaktova was all their fans a real surprise. Many still can’t believe that a couple who brings a charming four year old son Daniel collapsed. Today Anton and Eugene will put an end to the relationship and will arrange a divorce. Feofilaktova decided to demonstrate live what is happening in the courtroom, and shared this with your subscribers. However, the video was captured just the atmosphere in the room. Anton Gusev on divorce: “Our Zhenya relationship has outlived its usefulness”

      Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев разводятся в прямом эфире

      I must say that initially the case of divorce the spouses ulatively ten days. The first hearing was held on December 13, but then it was postponed for today.

      The fans decided to keep idols in such a difficult situation. They expressed their regret that the couple broke up. “Jen, don’t listen to anyone. Go out and have fun, you need to unwind! Leave everything unpleasant in the past! Say: “the prettier a girl is, the more complicated her personal life.” This is about you, Jane”, “Eugene, even in such a difficult period you on top! You are a wonderful mother, but the male is leaving and coming”, “it is clear that Anton loves the child, if the child is not kept in the family, so there were all insincere, or you, Anton, do not walk up… Sorry, you and Jack are the perfect couple” – says fans of the pair.

      Now the couple grows a beautiful son, but because Gusev is ready to do everything that the boy had a happy childhood. He works for the sake of his successor in no way needed. This Anton admitted to “StarHit”.

      “I want to develop in the work, shared their thoughts Gusev. – I have a son, so whatever happens, he needs, first and foremost, have something. I now say, “Probably, again will go to “the House-2″ look for love”. But for me it’s all in the past now, focus only business.”

      Not so long ago between the former spouses scandal broke. Anton had intended to arrange for his son’s birthday, however, Eugenia did not let the boy on the occasion, referring to his malaise. In order to resolve the situation, Gusev had to call the district. Anton Gusev told about the consequences of the conflict with his wife