Eugene Feofilaktova about pregnancy Victoria romanet: “I don’t think about it”

Евгения Феофилактова о беременности Виктории Романец: «Я об этом не думаю» The star of “House-2” commented on the rumors scattered in the Network. Fans discuss the phrase, allegedly spoken by Eugenia Feofilaktova relatively new wife of her ex-husband Anton Gusev.

      A couple of the famous participants “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev to discuss as their fans and detractors. Some have even suggested that their romance develops so rapidly due to the fact that the girl is pregnant. The followers tried in vain to discern a rounded tummy for airy outfits.

      Now, however, the Network vigorously debated phrase, allegedly spoken by Eugenia Feofilaktova that her ex-husband Anton Gusev went to Victoria romanet due to the fact that she is expecting a child. Some Internet users claimed to have heard this phrase in one of her broadcasts in Instagram. “StarHit” decided to find out whether romanet, according to Feofilaktova, will become a mother soon. Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

      “I don’t know where he was plucked this phrase, but I did not say that. Maybe I misunderstood? I’m not thinking about her and the more I don’t care she was pregnant or not. It is likely that communities in social networks trying to attract attention and gain more followers, therefore, ascribe to me what was not” – said Eugene.

      Victoria herself was very keen to deny rumors of her alleged pregnancy. Not so long ago she returned from a romantic trip with your ex-spouse Feofilaktova. The couple visited Dubai. Romanet so relaxed on vacation with the one you love, I wouldn’t limit yourself to food. That’s why her stomach had ceased to be perfectly flat.

      “Dear friends, the Internet began to spread rumors that Victoria romanet is in position. For some it will be a disappointment for someone is a joy, but I’m not in the position. I’m not pregnant and I don’t expect either twins or triplets. I have no time. I just donut. Can overeat or to wear shapeless things, because I’m comfortable in them. This does not mean that I’m pregnant,” – said Victoria romanet.

      After parting with Anton Gusev last autumn Eugene Feofilaktova thought that the ex-husband can’t live without her. It justified his attacks in his address that he allowed himself to do in the social network.

      “Before, I was flattered, but now I’m afraid that Anton would break up with Victoria and want to come back to me. I will say that there is no turning back! God forbid he will remain in a new relationship, because we have exactly nothing. Let is under its care,” said the star of “House-2” in conversation with “StarHit”.