Eugene Brick allows a husband to fall in love with other women

Евгения Брик разрешает мужу влюбляться в других женщин The actress doesn’t see anything wrong. Evgenia Brik admitted that her husband, Director Valeriy Todorovskiy, gives her cause for jealousy. She’s happy with him and does not get tired to admire the talent of choice.

      Actress Evgenia Brik and Director Valery Todorovsky live in perfect harmony for over 10 years. Despite the fact that many men love to give spouses the main role in the project, the actress admits that passing samples for the episodic characters, she has much work to do. Eugene is not Valeria is jealous of other Actresses with whom he has to work on the set. She believes that the Director even need to show sympathy for the artist.

      “I, along with Valery admire Vika Isakova, Paulina Andreeva… Director must be in love with actors, who takes. If not, then he’s miserable. The same thing happens with me on the set – the works is native. And we are not jealous, just happy for each other. If it were otherwise, our life would become a living hell,” – shared his observations of Brick.

      The actress admires her husband and considers it a brilliant Director. Eugene admits that Valery does not give her any cause for jealousy. Brick did not hide the fact that between her and her husband conflicts. However, according to the actress, arguing they provide a release of accumulated emotions, but after a couple minutes you forget about the reason for the dispute and make peace.

      Eugene glad before the birth of their daughter Zoe, they had to live for myself – enjoyed travelling, worked together. However, now the actress is happy to be a mother of seven girls. Brick admitted that she had to live on two cities – in Moscow, she arrives for work in Los Angeles is fully committed to the education of the child. Despite the fact that Zoe from birth is in USA, Eugene is trying to do everything to instill a love for the successor of the Russian language.

      “I can’t imagine that Zoe turns to me in English. At home we communicate in Russian, and she reads classics in the original. But American writers – please, in English. Zoe is the third year studying in America – here school starts in five years. When I first came to class, did not speak English. It was hard for her, the classmates weren’t really talking much because I didn’t understand her, but Zoe pushed through,” admitted Eugene in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.