Eugene Aspen was the illegitimate daughter

У Евгения Осина нашлась внебрачная дочь The girl’s mother suddenly came in touch with the singer. Now Evgeny Osin takes care of 12-year-old heiress. Despite the fact that Anastasia is very similar in appearance to the father, and he took a DNA test and waiting for results.
У Евгения Осина нашлась внебрачная дочь

Last year Evgeny Osin got out of rehab in Thailand. Back in the capital, 53-year-old man refused alcohol and is now trying to lead a good lifestyle. To take his health Aspen motivated not only conscience but a new circumstance – recently, the artist takes part in the education of the supposed daughter. Its existence he learned a few years ago. The singer told “StarHit”, why didn’t his other family.

“Daughter’s name is Anastasia Godunova, she is 12 years old. She even calls me daddy! – Osin says. – With her mom, Lena and I met even before marriage with his first wife Natasha. We met on the Arbat, and I liked her immediately. Started to look soon we moved in together. Lived together for a few months, but then broke up. I met Natasha, was born Agnes. Same with the ex lover we were in a good relationship, occasionally seen. A few years ago, Lena had found my room and was stunned by the news that I have a daughter.”
У Евгения Осина нашлась внебрачная дочь

Shaken aspens immediately asked the woman to see my girl. “I remember that I worried very much – continues to Eugene. But Nastya and I found a common language. The girl went in my footsteps. She engaged in music, participates in children’s fashion shows!»

In recognition of the celebrity She looks very similar to him. But, despite this fact, Eugene decided to have a DNA test. “The results do not know, – says the singer. I know that Lena after me was a man. When Nastya was born, he said that the girl was not his and refused it.”

Evgeny Osin changed sweetheart with a journalist

The singer kept in touch with Elena and Nastya. Each night is calling, asking how they’re doing.

“Of course, in General the education of girls is your mother, – says Eugene. But I’m willing to help with advice. It’s nice that Nastya is listening to me”.
У Евгения Осина нашлась внебрачная дочь

With the eldest daughter of a musician agniey girl not yet familiar. Long time Aspen had problems in the relationship with the heiress and her mom – they did not want to communicate with him. The singer even got a job as a music teacher at the school where I studied Agnes, created the group, where she became a soloist. After passing Eugene rehabilitation relationship work, but recently my daughter was again stopped with his father on bond.

Nikita Lushnikov escape Aspen Eugene from the hospital, “He insisted on the treatment at home»

“I tried to congratulate agniyu happy birthday, she turned 16, – sighs the ocean. – She didn’t even come to the phone! Offensively.»