Etush and Pushkin intervened in a family dispute Panina

Этуш и Пушкина вмешались в семейный конфликт Панина A situation in which the actor and his ex-wife Julia Udintsev, provoked heated discussions after the release of “Let them talk”. Among those who stood up for the artist was the wife of Vladimir Etush, and to protect his ex-wife stood by Oksana Poushkina.
Этуш и Пушкина вмешались в семейный конфликт Панина

Recently Alexey Panin became the hero of the program “Let them talk”. The artist insists that the daughter niusia lived with him, and not the mother of Julia Yudintseva. However, the woman does not intend to surrender in struggle for a daughter. She claims that she wants to protect the child from his father. Ether, which showed Wednesday, June 14, provoked intense public debate. Someone stood on the side of Udintseva, while others defended Panin. About the situation, which turned out to be ex-wife, also spoke famous people, in particular, Oksana Pushkina and the wife of actor Vladimir Etush Elena.

Daughter of Alexei Panin was brought to tears on air “Let them talk”

The beloved people’s artist of the USSR, shared his thoughts on the conflict that broke out in the family of Alexei Panin. Elena Etush said the actor is a loving father who is willing to do anything for his daughter. According to the woman, her husband is familiar with Panin – they had to work together.

“Alexei Vladimir Abramovich some time playing one private show. And his daughter Anna we have seen repeatedly. And that’s what I say. It’s hard to imagine a more loving father and daughter! She is still little, hugged his leg, as he sat on the chair, she put her head on his lap and happily sputter: “That’s my dad!” And it is happiness only that consciousness is not lost! This is impossible to play! And a little child cannot be taught to behave and not otherwise. And subsequently we have seen them together repeatedly. The impression of a happy family absolute”, – said the beloved actor.
Этуш и Пушкина вмешались в семейный конфликт Панина

Elena Richter also expressed their point of view about the nature of Alexei Panin. The wife of a famous artist stood up for the controversial actor. “Mr Abramovich he always had the attitude of not just respectful, but just quivering. In my opinion, a person who refers to the “old and small”, can’t be bad!” – says the wife of renowned activist of culture and art.

With the opinion of the lady of Vladimir Abramovich strongly disagree Oksana Pushkina. The Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, on the contrary, defended the ex-wife of Alexei Panin Yulia Yudintseva. She is committed to resolve the situation that has arisen in the family of the actor. Pushkin, the former among the experts of “Let them talk”, dedicated to the flamboyant artist, spoke about removing the child from the father and his subsequent forced treatment. But to do so, says public figure, extremely difficult.

Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

“In the meantime, the situation in this particular family is monstrous. The poor mother beats in hysterics, not able to communicate with her daughter, and the girl lives with unbalanced, exalted father. The results of such education is, unfortunately, obvious… Sad. Scary. Hurt. Want to be wrong, but I think the light at the end of the tunnel there. Everything will only get worse”, – concluded Pushkin.