Вырвались из Сети: как Глюк’oza, Михалкова и Анохина провели день без Интернета The stars went on a bold experiment. Refusal to use the phone or computer during the day for each of our heroines has become a real challenge, to withstand that managed not all. Nevertheless, celebrities came to the conclusion that they should at least sometimes to turn off the gadgets and try to enjoy the reality.

      Вырвались из Сети: как Глюк’oza, Михалкова и Анохина провели день без Интернета

      Singer Gluk’oza offended by friends, and Julia Mikhalkov scared of fans. 29 January – international day without Internet. On the eve of the stars at the suggestion of “StarHit” on the day refused from the world wide web.

      Who’s with me?

      Singer Gluk’oza has caused friends to part with gadgets

      Natasha Ionova recognizes that the Internet-dependent every day it starts with checking your e-mail’s Instagram and WhatsApp. To get her to postpone the phone can only request the wife of Alexander – he prefers to spare time Natasha was dedicated to the family, without distraction.

      “I am ashamed to admit that 24 hours without the Internet became a real challenge for me – says the singer “StarHit”. – Because I’m all day, I even the car is the router – when it breaks down, nervous. Participation in the experiment “StarHit” caught me in Vietnam where I vacationed with my husband and friends. Had disabled roaming, so successfully slept through Breakfast, because in the General chat of holiday makers, where we discuss how many stand and where to go, warning me not to come. Husband to Wake not was – supposedly participate in the project fair. Eating alone, I went to look for friends on the site and found them on the tennis court. Upset, because if I had Internet, I would have come, disguised in sportpharma! Guys, looking at my angry face, laughed – myself into this mess! Okay, went to change… when he Came in the room, out of habit picked up the phone to check social networks, and… immediately put it back in the cupboard.

      “Oh, but people I now in the “Instagram” comments are writing, and I do not answer!” with annoyance, I thought, accustomed to communicating with fans. And then I decided, enough to suffer. Went to friends and asked them also to remove the gadgets that I was not hurt. And, you know, we had the perfect day and talked and walked, instead of to dig in the phone. So I’m glad I took part in the experiment – is now going to arrange a fasting days to spend more time with loved ones.”

      In the course of events

      Yulia Mikhalkov learned the news from a friend

      Вырвались из Сети: как Глюк’oza, Михалкова и Анохина провели день без Интернета

      The star of the show “Ural dumplings” Internet helps to be aware of the world news and movies – because of the lack of free time, Julia watches movies on the tablet. “A day without Internet and I survived, but without information what’s going on in the world, no, – says Mikhalkov. – I called a friend and asked what’s new? To be honest, I cheated a little here – given friend, Sasha passwords from email, social networks and asked if I write something important. Not without problems − I had to pay for Parking, I frost got out of the car to the Parking meter. But would the Internet, paid through the app. But how well we hung out with a friend without being distracted by the likes of “Instagram”!

      You know how it is: start talking on some topic, then get distracted by the message in the messenger − and all thought was gone… After a meeting with the friend went to the exhibition of ice figures – has long wanted to, but there was no time. And without the Internet the whole day off – timetable in the mail. In the evening I remembered how to turn on DVD, and watched a great movie “Miracle on Hudson” with Tom Hanks – his I have long advised friends, and I kept putting it off… the next Morning found out how many people I “lost” received more than three hundred letters in the mail and in social networks – say, are you all right? It was nice that I was worried.”



      TV presenter and businesswoman Svetlana Anokhina does not release the phone from the hands, even when holding a three-month Elvis. The thirst for gadget the eldest son of the stars, six year old Sam, even calls mom Ithonestly.

      “The first hours without Internet I was a drug addict – says “StarHit” star. – I am in Bali, but even on the beach trying to catch Wi-Fi, and if not, hysteria… So in the early hours without the net, I had a desire to go to bed and stay all day, only stopping for food and games with children. But it would not be fair. So I went to the ocean and, forgetting that until the morning of the next day I without regard, began to remove the water, intending to put the beautiful landscapes of the blog. But there it was – I just remembered about the conditions of the experiment and was angry: no, it’s a challenge I definitely do not like! Immediately the head started to go wacky ideas – and close friends in Moscow, and I’m here at the other end of the world… Suddenly something happened and they need my help, and I available?! In total, I clocked up, turned on the Internet and checked the mail. I immediately felt better, nothing to worry about for those three hours that I “fell” of life, did not happen. But this experiment made me understand that without Network I can’t. However, anything bad I do not see…”