Erotic pictures Vicky Dayneko “blew up” the Network

Эротические снимки Вики Дайнеко «взорвали» Сеть
The singer was the second time in films.

Эротические снимки Вики Дайнеко «взорвали» Сеть

Victoria Dayneko and Valeria Kozhevnikov

Photo: press service

Became known new details of the shooting process of a provocative project
controversial British Director Tony Kaye “Hollywhore” (Theanatomyofanactress). Singer Vika Daineko took
participation in the film, playing the character of AHR (automatic robot).
It is the character Dayneko helps the main character, Natalia, in the performance of the actress
Valerie Kozhevnikova, to cope with the daily routine, teaching her how to get rid of
own demons, ego, and cease to disturb himself, helps her to create
the characters, while not losing yourself.

held in private, because “training” was pretty
intimately, namely in bed, and the girls starred in delicate lace lingerie…

“I was comfortable enough to work with
Victoria, despite our frivolous view (laughs), since we have been
friends and it certainly helped. I want to note that the scene was not
so much erotic as psychological, according to the idea Tony
Victoria literally turned my brain inside out long conversations (laughs).
Also Vick played one of the soundtracks to the film,” says

Victoria Dayneko and Valeria Kozhevnikov

Photo: press service

“It was my
the second shot in the movie is not in the role of herself and the first in English. I
extremely worried, but I am very thankful to Valerie, Tony and all the team for that
helped me to believe in myself, to relax and to do everything in my
opportunities. Looking forward to the premiere,” says Vika

“Hollywhore” (Theanatomyofanactress) is a black Comedy that tells about
the difficult fate of Russian actress Natalya who’s obsessed with acting, knocks
all the doors, but to no avail. But, suddenly, fate turns to her
face and she gets a Hollywood project. But what will happen to the actress in Olympus
of the film industry? This event will change her life for the better?

According to
the Director, Tony Kaye, the film will be presented at a film festival,
then his plan to shoot and run as a serial. The project also starred Denis Shvedov and Cyril Safonov.

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