Эротическое фото Андрея Малахова взорвало соцсети The famous TV presenter appears almost in the Nude. On Andrey Malakhov only underwear. The frame of the photo shoot caused an unprecedented boom. Fans of stars of the ether can not recover from the rapture.

      Эротическое фото Андрея Малахова взорвало соцсети

      The First channel and chief editor of the “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov has made the hearts of fans beating at a frantic pace. He has published on his page in Instagram new photo, which detonated the social network. The creation of photographer Krista Sudmalis with Baltic roots and living in Moscow, is striking. The picture shows the star of the ether appears almost in the Nude. Andrew only underwear.

      “Good erotic evening! We present a new young star in the world photos of Cristo Sudmalis. Exactly so she saw me in her Studio July 10, 2016 in 22.34, then only the hashtag #natalypretty 18+”, – has signed a snapshot Malakhov.

      Of course, fans Malakhov came in an unprecedented delight from the seen image. They were quick to Express his beloved master’s love and admiration for his manly appearance. Andrew compared with the ancient Greek gods and wrote that his body looks perfect.

      “You confuse the female half of humanity! Very beautiful, erotic”, “that’s it, the gift of speech is gone”, “Just super. And model, and of course the photographer, “Wow! Andrew, you never know. Very cool”, “Oh Gods! What you are handsome! The figure is super! Photography’s great,” could not restrain his emotions fans of TV presenter.

      Photo by Andrey Malakhov “adult” made a splash

      Interestingly, after Malakhov registered in the popular social network “Instagram”, he more than once delighted fans shirtless. Recently, Andrew posted on his microblog a picture in which it resembles a real Prince on a white horse. In the picture, she is seated on a horse, and the head of the permanent host “Let them talk” is decorated with a bold hat with slightly drooping brim.

      Within minutes photos had collected several thousand likes and comments, which users of Instagram expressing his delight. “Under such a cowboy even the horse is dancing!”, “Oh My God! Now I will not be able to perceive you in a suit! Gorgeous man, Absolutely another, we have not previously known,” wrote the followers Malakhov.

      Read more about how Andrey Malakhov acted as models for a new world stars pictures, read in the nearest number “StarHit”.

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