Эрнест Мацкявичюс так и не смог повидаться с отцом перед его смертью The presenter was very upset to lose a parent. He spent a long time beating myself up about that and could not say goodbye to her father before his death. Ernest Matskyavichyus openly talked about how he left his closest people.
Эрнест Мацкявичюс так и не смог повидаться с отцом перед его смертью

Well-known TV presenter, star news programs on the channel “Russia 1”, Ernest Mackevicius was born in Vilnius. His father is Lithuanian Giedrius Kazimirovich was a Director, based in Moscow Theatre of plastic drama and moved the family to the capital of the USSR, when the boy was ten. Mother of Ernest, Marina worked as a journalist in well-known Moscow newspaper.

Ten years ago, Ernest lost his father, and three years later died and the mother of TV presenter. But Matskyavichyus still strongly experiencing a loss. He had long reproached myself for not being able to be with my father in his last moments of life. But my mother died of cancer actually in his arms. Ernest did everything for the sake of health of his mother, but the pain of loss from not less.

49-year-old journalist still barely holding back tears when he remembers parents. Sincerely Matskyavichyus spoke about their personal experiences in the program “When all the houses” on “Russia 1”.

“When dad left, I didn’t have time to come to it yourself, very long time for that beating. So I decided that I would be with mom in the last hours of her life – what would it cost me. She was seriously ill, it was cancer, it was known in advance. When the dearest person dies in front of you is an ordeal. But it’s the law of nature,” – said Ernest.

A year later, after the death of Mackevicius, Sr., Ernest published the book “Bridging”, which included his memories of his father, and notes the Giedrius Kazimirovich. In the program “When all the houses” Ernest told me that the relationship with the father was not formed at once. Long time Director did not react to her son seriously, because he did not go on the theatre track. As a teenager, Ernest was not called the Pope of warm feelings.

Эрнест Мацкявичюс так и не смог повидаться с отцом перед его смертью“I missed him, he worked all the time. And on weekends when I was home, looked at me with irony and some disbelief, well, something around the house, of course, this is my flesh and blood, but no more. Only after I served in the army and returned, the father began to speak to me on equal terms,” says Ernest.

Now the relatives of Mackevicius is a wife, daughter and mother-in-law. Also supports leading his own uncle, mother’s brother. Ernest married in 2004 on the student-scientist Alina Akhmetova who was younger than him by 13 years. Their daughter Dahlia’s 14, the girl dreams of becoming like his father, a journalist.