Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт» Swedish singer intends to conquer the Russian audience. Eric Saade became popular in 2011 due to the appearance on the Eurovision song contest, and now his song “Wide awake” broke into the charts of local radio stations.

      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»

      For the first time about Eric Saade talking after its appearance on the Eurovision song contest in 2011, where he represented Sweden. The young artist was noticed by the king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov and predicted that he has every chance to become the leader of the competition. Despite the positive predictions, Eric took third place. Now a Swedish artist is gaining popularity in Russia after his song “Wide awake” became confident to take a leading position in the charts. After this success and recognition Saade wants to continue to please the audience in our country. We decided to meet Eric at one of the cafes to find out how he is going to conquer the Russian audience. The singer was in good spirits and with a Cup of coffee talked about their career plans and personal life.

      Eric, you’re a pretty popular singer in Sweden, but has now become famous in Russia after the release of the song “Wide awake”. How can you explain such popularity of this song?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»I wrote the music when riding in the car. I had to write it on the phone, and when he came into the Studio and listened to, I liked it. After came the melody of the chorus, immediately realized that would like that in Russia. There are notes that very often you can hear in the songs you have in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. So I wasn’t very surprised that she relished in Russia, but I am very pleased that the song became so popular here. —
      But now popular Remix of this song…
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»Yes, I usually have a little just dance songs, I sing indie pop, RnB. But I thought I should put something in clubs, so we need another version. When Filatov&Karas offered to do a Remix, I immediately agreed. This sounds awesome. I think that you need to do multiple versions of the same song, as many people like different music.
      About you learned after the participation in “Eurovision”. What for you was the contest?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»Then I was so young, it was five years ago! I just started my career, so participation in “Eurovision” was for me a big step. After that I began to grow as an artist, stood on his feet. It gave me the push to go forward – I realized that it is not necessary to stop, is to continue to create new music, to develop. Now my next step is to be realized in Russia. Understand that this takes time.—
      I think to take revenge and again to go to Eurovision?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. But, of course, “never say never”. For me it is not a priority, I plan to move on, keep doing what you’re doing now. For several years I finally realized how I want to sound like, what songs to sing. It is important for me.
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»
      This is not your first visit to Moscow, the last time you had to meet with Philip Kirkorov. Now keep in contact with him?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»We met before the “Eurovision”. Since then, however, we did not communicate, I still have his phone number so I could call him.—
      Are you familiar with Russian music? Maybe you need someone to record a duet?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»I know Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nyusha. That’s just it, I want to record a duet. I have a song, expect her to offer, I hope we will sing together. I love that so many people in Russia love music. In Sweden the population is only nine million, is less than one. So it would be great if my music is liked in Russia, and I had the opportunity to organize concerts and to travel to different cities.

      Why did you decide to connect his life with music?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»I started singing quite early. I was 15 years old, when he signed a contract with the record company. I started out in a boy band, and then I got a solo deal. I think I was 17-18 years old. Surprised myself how much time has passed since then.—
      You became famous quite early. Ever had to use his popularity?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»In Sweden, all are arranged differently and the system is not working. Sometimes, it happens that in some cases it helps, but I don’t use its popularity. In life I am an ordinary man and become a singer Eric Saade, when you start working. —
      Have you ever had to give up on people who wanted to be friends with you just because of the fact that you’re famous?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»Yes, many people want to be in the circle of your friends just because you know a lot. I usually feel insincere, I don’t know how it happens. Just see in person that his friendship is not real. In such cases I just move away from him. It’s very sad. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, and I had to get used to, but every time it would hurt me.

      You’re Dating a model and blogger Nicole Falciani. How did you meet her?
      Эрик Сааде: «Надеюсь, с Нюшей у нас получится хороший дуэт»A year and a half ago, she was interviewing me, so we met. I don’t hide a relationship with her, as do many celebrities. I am a singer, she’s a blogger, it would be funny to hide. On the other hand, I try not to talk about it, and still focus on the music. —
      Going to marry her?
      No, I’m still young and not ready for a family. I travel all the time, everywhere, what will family life and how it will grow the children? Now I have a career in the first place. Maybe six or seven years, when I will be more than thirty, it would be great to have a family. But then again, you don’t know what changes life can bring. Moreover, it not only depends on me! It is necessary that the girl was ready to family and children.