Eric Clapton is rapidly stalls

Эрик Клэптон стремительно глохнет
Rocker grapple with age and disease.

Eric Clapton


In a recent interview, the 72-year-old Eric
Clapton is a living legend of rock music, was forced to admit that hearing all
worse and worse. But the musician is trying to stay optimistic. “Because I can still
to work and to play live! The only thing that bothers me at my age
– how long I can maintain the ability to be a musician. The fact that
I’m going deaf. Yes, and my hands are not like before…” admitted Clapton survivors in their time of terrible tragedy — the death of his 4-year-old son Connor.

“Actually, I’m very happy that people still
go to my concerts. And I want to believe that they are doing this not only
because consider me as some kind of gimmick. Although, of course, all kind of
so, because I myself can’t believe I can still speak
on stage!” said Clapton. In this
year, Eric has already had to cancel several concerts due to health problems. In
March — due to the fact that he was ill with bronchitis and in June due to back pain and problems
with peripheral nerves.

By the way, Clapton is not the only
the musician, who suffers from a loss approaching deafness. Serious problems with
hearing complained more than once also Ozzy Osbourne, sting and Neil young.

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