Оборудование для ПЭТ-КТ в Москве

Diagnosis positron emission method is applied in clinical practice relatively recently. To improve the methodology used imaging equipment – computed radiography scanner (CT scanner). Standard the examination is based on the ionizing field can go in many clinics in Moscow. PET-CT is not so common hardware used for screening in five health facilities in the capital.

How does the method work

Tomographic equipment generates x-rays through which is “candling” raznopolyh biological structures. Fixed sensors data is transmitted to the computer is converted into high-precision image. In addition to the standard screening CT scan is added to positron emission embellishing. Externally, the procedures are very similar to tomography with contrast intensifying. The difference is the “coloring” of the drug, which is prepared on the basis of radioactive nuclides and glucose solution. The radioactive elements “highlight the” cellular structure inside a diabetes diet shows how intensively the metabolic processes in tissues.

PET-CT held in Moscow on multi-slice systems, which allow to obtain high-quality images in a short time. In contrast to the step-by-step equipment, spiral machines produce multiple scans at once, which accelerates the procedure and reduces radiation exposure on the body. Despite the use of ionizing elements, fear of excess radiation is not necessary. The dosage is minimized so that allows without compromising the health to undergo the study.

Assessment of internal tissues and organs is due to the comparison of metabolic processes in cells. Thus, inflammatory foci or abnormal growths consume supply more blood than healthy tissue. Injected glucose solution is absorbed by different cells in different ways. Areas with inflammation or cancer metaboliziruet sugar several times more intense that is visualized on the images the presence of “warm” spots of red-yellow hues. “Cold” areas of dark color viewed in the case of the development of necrotic processes. For detection of pathologies of this kind are issued a referral for PET-CT. In Moscow, booking a session is conducted through a single service entry of the capital https://mrt-v-msk.ru/.

How to reserve time on the diagnosis?

Follow the link single service record and click on the desired service. The database will provide a complete list of clinics that are receiving in the selected direction. Medical organizations are distributed not only on the cost of services, but also on ratings, locations, locations (districts and metro stations), equipment performance specifications. In addition to General information and contacts on the portal, you can find customer comments, held a diagnosis of a particular medical facility. Choose a medical center and sign up for the procedure directly via the website. All service users receive a guaranteed bonus in the form of 1 thousand rubles for the selected type of diagnosis.

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