Enrique Iglesias for the first time showed two twins from Anna Kournikova

Энрике Иглесиас впервые одновременно показал двух близнецов от Анны Курниковой
The singer shared a touching picture with his son and daughter.

Enrique Iglesias with twins Lucy and Nicholas

Photo: @Instagram enriqueiglesias Enrique Iglesias

Recently a 42-year-old
Enrique Iglesias has published the first photos with their babies —
twins Lucy and Nicholas. In this picture we can admire the family
idyll: all three sit in front of the TV, in front of the TV screen during
football match. “Game Day!” — so Iglesias signed the frame umalusi
his fans.

Actually, this picture is a bit disappointing
fans Enrique — because of children’s faces on it are not visible. True Lucy fans
the singer already had the opportunity to consider, and quite well. After a little
less than two months ago, Iglesias posted on his page in the social network
funny video, which he captured with a tiny daughter who
the singer repeatedly gently kisses, and between kisses manages to say, “I love you so
love it!” Then Enrique, pretending that it says Lucy, “child” voice
responsible for the daughter: “No, no, daddy! Don’t kiss me like
a lot!”

“I can’t stop looking at
my “ray of light” — the singer has signed this video. Recall that Iglesias and his
girlfriend Anna Kournikova, who became the mother of twins, from the
began to call both my kids “rays of light”. In recognition of Enrique and
Anna, they just couldn’t feel more happy than as
parents. And mom Iglesias, Isabel Chrysler recently shared his
enthusiasm about grandchildren: “These kids – perfection” They are very beautiful and
just grow phenomenally fast!” However, fans still did not come to
common opinion — which of your parents like Lucy and Nicholas.

We recall that Anna and Enrique
became parents, it became known in mid-December 2017. And this news
then became a complete surprise for everyone. After all, no one but the closest
relatives did not know that Kournikova was pregnant, she somehow managed
all nine months of hiding from the public.