Enraged Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a video message to fans

Взбешенный Криштиану Роналду опубликовал видеообращение к поклонникам
Patience world-famous football player at the limit.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Instagram.com

31-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most
highly paid footballers in the world, recently conducted an interesting experiment. He went to his favorite cafe, ordered a Cup of chamomile tea before you sit down at one of the tables, asked buddies to take video of his visit. The athlete wanted to know, will you give him fans to make a couple of SIPS of tea. And even counted on it. However, from the first minute to him rushed happy the fans are seeing their idol. I asked to be photographed in
memory and autographs.

At first, Ronaldo smiled and willingly
posed. But more and wishing there was more. And soon the process got out of control. Even when Cristiano decided that he
pretty, and got up to leave, to leave the cafe was not easy. Its not
let go, demanding more and another photo…

Well as he, for example, could refuse the woman, who asked
to star with him as a keepsake for his young son? Or reject the supplications of
the company’s young and pretty girls – its fans? Speaking of
girls: Ronaldo now, after breaking up with Irina Shayk, almost
free. From time to time in his life, there is another model – like the last
passion player of Asanovoy Nicoleta. But they disappear faster than the crowd
time to remember their names…

The result of the experiment was Cristiano
impressive. While Ronaldo sat at a table, took a picture with him
more than one hundred people! But tea during this time he managed to make just four
SIP… At the end of his little experience Ronaldo summed up. He, of course,
appreciates the love of their fans. But, as hinted Cristiano fans
in a sense they also not worth it to lose. Because sometimes you just want a quiet drink
a Cup of tea…

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