Враги Анастасии Волочковой организовали нападение на нее The work of the famous artist can not remain indifferent to its enemies. Recently Anastasia has faced a fierce attack by Instagram users Celebrity had to limit the possibility of commenting their posts.

As it became known to journalists, Anastasia faced a barrage of criticism on social networks. Under publications on Instagram of the actress began to appear a series of negative discussions, so she had to turn comments off for some posts.

Concerned Volochkova addressed to computer professionals wanting to find out whether it is a planned attack. Experts hired by the celebrity, confirmed her worst fears. As it turned out, Anastasia really is wealthy enemies who organized her persecution in the Network. Therefore, the account of the star on Instagram is regularly exposed to strong criticism. About it the correspondent said the assistant Volochkova.

“We asked the experts on SMM and computer scientists to trace the origin of the queries, who is hiding behind nicknames, and learned some interesting things. One and the same person creates multiple so-called zero (containing no information. – Primas’. ed.) of accounts with the sole purpose to write under each post Nasty negative comments. People are well paid” – quoted in the press, a source close to the celebrity.

Anastasia posted a screenshot from the website of the newspaper, which published an article about her bullying on the Internet, on his official page in Instagram. Thus, the star confirmed that you really are faced with a large number of detractors in social networks.

Fans Volochkova began to discuss the situation in which she found herself. They suggest that the star did not pay attention to criticism and make suggestions about who might be behind the virtual attack. “I read in the media that someone spends huge money to sling mud Volochkova. We can only guess… I personally think that one of the former lovers. No offense! This is my personal opinion. I think you understand who makes such vile things,” said one of the fans of Anastasia.

Journalists managed to track down one of those who offered to write a negative replica against Volochkova. The girl, who wished to remain anonymous, described the conditions put forward by the organizers of the “attack”. According to her, they promised to pay nine rubles. “I meanness not go, refused. The organizers of this war do not spare millions to mix innocent man from mud” – quote Internet the wearer “Days.ru.»