Endless romance: Marat Safin has returned to top model

Бесконечный роман: Марат Сафин вернулся к топ-модели
Famous tennis player and Anna Druzyaka again came out into the light.

Marat Safin and Anna Druzyaka

Credit: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Ex-first racket of the world Marat Safin once again intrigued his many fans. At the birthday party of producer Tasha Sargsyan 36-year-old bachelor again appeared together with the model Anna Druzyaka, although rumor has repeatedly bred this pair.

Novel by winner of two Grand slams and the owner of the legs with a length of 110 cm has been ongoing for ten years. Times press announced the upcoming wedding, and then that the lovers are parted. About the quarrels of lovers and their separation wrote at least three times… In those moments, when the Marat again was free, it was noticed in the company of other women, for example, the soloist of group “Brilliant” Anastasia Osipova and fashion designer Alena Akhmadullina.

But, it turns out despite all the speculation, Safin and Druzyaka still together. A touching detail: Marat, like a gallant cavalier, Anna wears her purse. That does not harm his street cred.

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