“Enchanting return”: Irina Shayk made a splash at Cannes

«Феерическое возвращение»: Ирина Шейк произвела фурор в Каннах
The first model came out two months after childbirth.

Irina Shayk

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Irina Shayk, appeared yesterday at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, had a very
irresistible impression on the audience. The fact that the model for the first time appeared on the red
track after childbirth. But, although her daughter Leah De Sien was born just 9 weeks
ago, festival guests had the opportunity to make sure that Irina almost completely
regained its prenatal form. Photos about Shake appeared on
many websites, including dailymail.co.uk.

Irina chose for the release
extremely spectacular dress, stressing all the advantages of her figure: slim
waist, flat stomach and ample Breasts, which, according to some, after birth became
even more. Bright yellow translucent outfit of Versace, is embroidered with sparkling sequins, a good
shaded bright appearance Shake.

However, it was noticed that, although Irina from time to time bestowed all his dazzling smile, most of
time she looked pensive. Some of the guests of the festival thought the Shake
misses his very small daughter. But others have suspected
if Irina is sad because of a relationship with Bradley Cooper, father of Leah.

In fact Cooper spends with his daughter and wife too much time. He, of course, has an excuse: he
works on his project – a film “a Star is born”, where not only
plays a major role, but also performs the work of the Director. And yet, as I think
girlfriend Shayk, he would often visit Irina and Leah. Besides, during his
the last interview Cooper refuses to speak about her daughter, and
about your friend. Not to mention the fact that, while Bradley has made to Irina the proposal
in December of last year, it is still unknown whether he intends to marry her.