Employee rehabilitation center published the last words of Marjanova

Сотрудник реабилитационного центра обнародовала последние слова Марьянова The actor died almost two months ago. However, the circumstances of the death of Dmitry Marjanova still not fully elucidated. Check on the lie detector in the past, people who were with the artist in the last hours of his life.
Сотрудник реабилитационного центра обнародовала последние слова Марьянова

The head of the rehabilitation center “Phoenix” Oksana Bogdanova and volunteer agencies Marina Lebedeva were tested on lie detector test on a talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev. Both women in the past suffered from severe dependency. Also on the program was invited a secret guest Alex. The man was in rehab in the Phoenix, he saw actor Dmitry Marjanov in the last hours before his death.

In the beginning of the program Oksana said that does not blame themselves for the death of the artist. “I came after Dmitry died,” said the woman. According to Bogdanova, she took to themselves in the center only those patients who received treatment from professional experts, Mr was not observed at doctors. The Director of the Phoenix took him at the request of the wife of the artist, Xenia. Despite the fact that the center was not qualified physicians, volunteers gave and injected some patients with drugs. According to the head of the institution, it has always consulted with the doctors, what drugs can be taken in its center. Bogdanov has noticed that in “Phoenix” are infrequent, in the last week before the death of the actor, the woman does not attend the institution.

On the day of the death of Dmitry Maryanov complained of severe pain in the legs and back with volunteer Marina Lebedeva. The woman in the beginning of the program reported by guests and experts in the Studio, what reproaches himself for the death of the artist. She made the decision to take the actor in the car, where he passed away, also Marina heard the last sentence, which said Dmitry, while you are in agony.

“In the morning the Maryanov came to me. It was after Breakfast, said he’s hurt his back. Dima asked chiropractor. In the afternoon he came again, and said that the back pain and leg. I called Oksana and told that he is pale and complains of leg”, – the volunteer told.
Сотрудник реабилитационного центра обнародовала последние слова Марьянова

Oksana Bogdanova has told, that Marina called her after complaints of Dmitry Maryanova. According to the head of the center, she didn’t know how to be. “I was faced with a dilemma. To tell his wife Xenia”, – said the head of the center. After a call to the wife of artist Oksana decided to call an ambulance Marianowo what said Marina Lebedeva, which was next to Dimitri.

After the responses of the two women in the Studio of the program came from a former patient Alex. The man was hiding his face. He told me that he had seen the actor before his death, Maryanov was pale, he screamed in pain. Before leaving to the hospital the artist was made by frothing at the mouth.

“He’s got the day started back, I was asked to make Thai hot zone. The next day he started saying his legs hurt. I saw, went to see him, and have measured the pressure. We saw out the window that he had blue legs. Marina said she was in shock,” – said Alexey.
Сотрудник реабилитационного центра обнародовала последние слова Марьянова

Lebedev remembered one more detail – Marjanova a few hours before the death of perspiration. According to the volunteer, the actor panted, wheezed and moaned. The woman called an ambulance, but canceled the call, referring to the response Manager. According to Lebedeva, it was unclear how long have to wait for the team. Then the woman decided to take Dmitry on the car of one of the center’s patients.

“Its on the mortar bore. He sat on it and hugged the guys behind the shoulders,” she shared.

Experts asked a number of questions Bogdanova and Lebedeva. In the course, which revealed that the “Phoenix” patients really had taken some pills for the purpose of their attending physicians. Dmitry Maryanov was alive when they put him in the car. The artist died a few minutes later on the road. According to Lebedeva, at the DPS office, the inspectors opened the car door, tried to feel his pulse, but by the time Dmitri was already dead.

Marina remembered the last words who uttered Dmitry before his death: “I die.”

Сотрудник реабилитационного центра обнародовала последние слова Марьянова