Эммануил Виторган увез дочь из страны The actor shared the news on the Network. Emmanuel Vitorgan left with her little daughter Ethel of the country. 78-year-old actor posted a touching photo on Instagram.
Эммануил Виторган увез дочь из страны

In late February, Emmanuel Vitorgan became a father for the third time. The 78-year-old actor and his 56-year-old wife appeared first baby – a daughter. The news caused a sensation because for the wife Vitorgan Irina Mlodik girl is the firstborn. The daughter of newly-minted parents decided to name Ethel, which means “noble”.

Many viewers have given mixed reviews to the news of sudden fatherhood artist: some condemned, others were sincerely glad. In mid-April in the program “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1” Emmanuel gedeonovich first showed the girl’s face and told how happy. Emmanuel Vitorgan showed her daughter’s face and cried

“Of course, I understand all of that when my daughter starts school, I will already be 80, and when he wants to marry me will be more than a hundred years. But is it important? I have a lot of years were not so happy. It is an incredible experience, and the age of the parents in this case are not important. The important thing is that on light there was a new man. How about this, you can gloat? Now I have a better incentive to stay healthy,” said Vitorgan.
Эммануил Виторган увез дочь из страны

Trying not to pay attention to criticism, spouses Emmanuel and Irina continue to work a lot, but often admit that now their whole life revolves around a little daughter.

To the delight of fans Vitorgan shared a touching photo with the baby on hands. Emmanuel gedeonovich sitting in a chair and feeding Ethel the bottle. The picture was taken in the business lounge Sheremetyevo international airport. Happy father signed the post briefly and very gently.

“Happy…” – posted by Emmanuel gedeonovich Vitorgan.

I suppose, what little Ethel Vitorgan – the trip first in life.

Subscribers of the artist was amazing, they wished the stars health and patience, and also noted that criticism of the new parents less. “Thank you for sharing with us! Touches the depths of your soul! God bless you!”

“Very touching. Peace and health to you! Our favorite,” “gedeonovich Emmie, you are such a happy and young! And Telecka too long! Ira close, enjoy these wonderful moments, favorite, dear, happiness to you! Angel on all paths and roads,” wrote Vitorgan fans.