Эммануил Виторган показал лицо дочери и расплакался A man and his wife become the protagonists of the program “Hello Andrew!”. Emmanuel Vitorgan doted in the newborn baby. The actor first appeared on the screens with the girl in his arms and spoke in detail about the paternity.
Эммануил Виторган показал лицо дочери и расплакался

Sudden fatherhood of Emmanuel Vitorgan became the main news of the last months. Many fans condemned the actor for what he decided on the addition to the family in such advanced age. The man himself was not ashamed to talk about how the baby changed his life. However, the new parents chose not to show the girl’s face.

Only in the program “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel Russia 1 baby for the first time appeared in the frame. Emmanuel gedeonovich and his wife Irina invited a film crew into the house and showed how caring for her daughter. Parents admitted that now their whole life revolves around the child.

“Of course, I understand all of that when my daughter starts school, I will already be 80, and when he wants to marry me will be more than a hundred years. But is it important? I have a lot of years were not so happy. It is an incredible experience, and the age of the parents in this case are not important. The important thing is that on light there was a new man. How about this, you can gloat? Now I have a better incentive to stay healthy,” said the man.
Эммануил Виторган показал лицо дочери и расплакался

Irina Mladic also complained that she had to listen to a lot of criticism in his address. The choice of the actor does not understand how you can write angry comments about such an early event. According to women, they will be great parents who are able to surround the girl with attention and love.

Emmanuel Vitorgan became a father for the third time

Many fans and friends came to the delight of touching shots involving newborn Ethel. The Vitorgan, talking about the girl who couldn’t hold back tears. Comedian Klara Novikova which for many years is friends with the family Vitorgan, said that can not determine to whom the same like baby.

“One day she’s like Emmanuel, another to his mother, and the third is already on the Ira. Amazing child, and I see how much they love him. Was recently visiting family Vitorgan, approached the baby’s crib, and she suddenly began to whine. So Emmie immediately flew into the room, to find out what happened to the girl. They both react to every squeak,” – said Novikov.

In the Studio, the program and mother of Ksenia Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova. She told me that she learned in advance about the imminent addition to the family. She tried to prepare for new parents not only gifts, but also useful tips. According to the woman, Maxim Vitorgan and his wife also do not get tired to advise relatives, helping them in every way to cope with the care of baby Ethel.

Emmanuel Vitorgan noted that he is ready to become a father again. According to men, children are the main sense of life and the highest joy for everyone. That is why, if they bestow more than another opportunity to enjoy parenting, they will always take advantage.