Эммануил Виторган экономит на вещах для дочери A famous actor is enjoying fatherhood. In February of this year he and his wife Irina had a daughter, Ethel. As admitted by Emmanuil Vitorgan, the whole family helps them to babysit a child, and gives various things, because sometimes they are too busy for creative projects.
Эммануил Виторган экономит на вещах для дочери

In late February, Emanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina are the parents of a little girl. The baby was named Ethel. The pair carefully hid a new addition to their family. Earlier, Irina had problems with the fact to give birth to a child, the doctors forbade her to get pregnant. However, in recognition of Emmanuel Vitorgan, then it was okay. Recently the actor and his wife visited Riga, where took place festival “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala”.

“Son Maxim, all our family and friends took great news that we became parents. Since my daughter was born, we bought her a single thing because it filled up with gifts — crib, toys, suits, dresses. Maxim some things from Platos brought probably, already remember. This significantly saves us expenditure. Helps us to cope Irina mother, who flew in from Berlin, his wife’s sister, who came from Moscow, well, nanny,” said Vitorgan.

Wife Irina Vitorgan, a native of Jurmala, so they go there on vacation 3-4 times a year — they love the climate and the sea. About seven years ago, the couple bought a house in these parts. Now Vitorgan rarely gather the whole family and visit the grandson of Plato, the son of Ksenia Sobchak. All the attention Emanuel Gedeonovich focused on little Ethel. “She is a unique girl. We are so grateful for the appearance on this light! So I encourage people of all ages to give birth. The future must be!” — says the actor.

Relatives of Emmanuel Vitorgan revealed, who looks like his newborn daughter

Honored artist gets along well with his wife, son Maxim. Vitorgan is familiar with the family Sobchak for many years, even before they married. It did not mind when journalists called him father-in-law of Xenia.

“I understand the public interest in this beautiful young woman. And satisfied much attention to me in connection with this relationship having press. I hope my son Maxim is also satisfied. Moreover, with her family, I know very long time – from the time when my daughter was a little girl, little girl,” shared Emmanuel gedeonovich with Dni.ru.