Эммануил Виторган расплакался, узнав о рождении третьего ребенка The famous actor and his wife Irina Mlodik can’t get enough of the long-awaited emergence of a shared daughter. Ethel Vitorgan was born on 21 February – the birthday of a friend of a pair of Marina Parusnikova, who told us about the reaction of the artist on the happy event.
Эммануил Виторган расплакался, узнав о рождении третьего ребенка

At the end of last week all over the news about the new addition to the family of 78-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan and 56-year-old Irina Mlodik. The couple have a daughter, which he called a rare name Ethel. Internet users speculated that the couple decided to resort to surrogate motherhood. However, as it became known later, Mladic itself bear a child, which became possible due to the IVF procedure.

Girlfriend Irina Mikhailovna and Emanuel Gedeonovich Marina Parusnikov already congratulated the happy couple with a long-awaited appearance of the child. The singer learned important news among the first. Melodic and Vitorgan told my friend about the new addition to the family party thrown Parusnikova in honor of her birthday. According to the artist, the famous artist could not restrain his emotions, when he became a father for the third time.

“We celebrated my birthday in “Vitorgan-club” on the 26th of February (it was a private party of our family). And there is Irene and Emmanuel told us that they had a daughter. Emmanuel gedeonovich, as we said, was happy and even cried at the time. We have not seen him, of course, immediately, but when he got excited, Irina told us the good news. Of course, we were very happy for them, because the child Irene, which until then had no children, was a longtime dream. She said: “my dream has come True! Now I will celebrate a double birthday — his, and Ethel Vitorgan,” shared a friend of the pair with the journalists.
Эммануил Виторган расплакался, узнав о рождении третьего ребенка

A few days before the birth Ethel Irene Mlodik it was looking for a nanny for the baby. The message on it appeared on February 21 visit of Emmanuel Vitorgan on Facebook. “Well, if medical professional. But not necessarily”, – noted in the post.

Many friends and colleagues of Emmanuel Gedeonovich and Irina Mihailovna showered their congratulations on social networks. “I have no words! Just the pleasure of my wonderful friends. Health, happiness, longevity, parents”, “Such bold and brave people!”, “Well done”, “Awesome”, “What a wonderful event,” commented the subscribers page Vitorgan. My warm wishes to the spouses and their daughter also left the wife of Vladimir Etush Elena.

Ethel was the first child of Irene Mladic. Over a long period of time the woman could not have children due to health problems. The fact that Irina was struggling with cancer, so the doctors advised her to decide on the replenishment of the family. During the conversation with correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” singer Marina Parusnikov reported that Vitorgan “actually present” at the birth of his wife.