Emma Watson with humor, critics said

Эмма Уотсон с юмором ответила критикам
After the recently held annual ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” famous actress Emma Watson became the victim of numerous critics.

Эмма Уотсон с юмором ответила критикам

For the award, the actress came with a temporary tattoo in order to support the movement of Time’s Up, but the master who caused her tattoo, made the mistake of forgetting to write the apostrophe.

Эмма Уотсон с юмором ответила критикам

“An opening corrector for temporary tattoos. Experience with apostrophes optional” – with humor responded to their haters Emma.

Thus, the actress has managed to hush up the whole situation, although if she was to apologize or to remain silent, the incident would have taken a different turn.

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