Emma Watson will Postnet against Tom Hanks in the futuristic Thriller “the Circle”

Эмма Уотсон повстанет против Тома Хэнкса в футуристическом триллере «Круг»

Tom Hanks the role of professors to face. He played Professor Langdon in the adaptations of books by Dan brown, and now Hanks is again ready to amaze us with his mind on the screen. This time in a futuristic film directed by James Ponsold called “Circle”.

Tom is the founder of the technical supercorporation “Circle” Eamon Bailey, who dreams to change the world. He wants to get rid of dirt and crime on the Network. But is it really? Digging up secrets the company wants young and idealistic Mae Holland (Watson), who just got a job in the Corporation. The first time she enjoys the fact that he received the position of dreams, but with time her attitude to work
much is changing as she learns terrible secrets about what do here really.

Film premiere is planned for April 28 this year.