Эмму Уотсон затравили после выступления в ООН

Emma Watson has been cooperating with the UN. The actress is the goodwill Ambassador of this organization. She fights for the equality of men and women and is a frequent speaker in the General Assembly with presentations that command respect even among high-ranking diplomats.

At the time, as some people admire the desire of the actress to achieve equality, others believe that everyone should mind his own business. In particular Emma you should pay more attention to their professional activities.

“Instead of having to talk about the rules of Quidditch, or how to turn a man into a frog, Watson threw whining. So do Actresses need only stupid people to give them a chance. I think they took Watson only because Jolie is busy at a little bit different”, — commented on the presentation by Emma, a British writer Born Lydd. Later the author added that he is not worried when an actress expressed the opinion concerning this or that problem, he just can’t grasp why their words are taken so seriously, though, a kind of revelation.