Emma Watson was awarded the “Golden Cup of popcorn”

Эмму Уотсон наградили «стаканом золотого попкорна»
The actress said that flattered and moved.

Emma Watson


On taken place yesterday in
Los Angeles annual awards ceremony MTV Movie Awards, 27-year-old Emma Watson felt
triumph. Because she personally became the winner in nomination “the Best actor
of the year” and kinoskazka “beauty and the beast”, in which Watson played a major role
was named “Film of the year”.

Getting your prize
which is a glass “gold plated popcorn” (imitation of the beloved
treats moviegoers), Emma looked extremely nestroganoj. The fact is that although the rules of the ceremony,
winner of this award may become as an actor and an actress, in practice
the award was always given to men. That
this time it was awarded to the fairer sex, is known
feminist, Watson was considered a great achievement.

“For me it is very important that
I was awarded this prize. For the first time in history, the award of this
awards, winner selection was not based on the gender of the nominees…
It seems to me that MTV is committed
to estimate the acting skills, the ability to reincarnation. And when
this approach is not necessary to divide into two separate nominations — for men
and women!” — said the actress.

By the way, Emma could
to become a winner in one category — “Best kiss!” for
romantic scenes with the actor Dan Stevens in “Beauty…” Alas, this
nomination she lost. As for not kissing on-screen and real,
with that, Emma’s all right. C fall of 2015 she is Dating William knight,
a man far removed from showbiz. He is the Manager of one of Silicon
valley. Although in public the lovers appear together infrequently, it is only because
that, William, admitted as Watson, does not like to draw undue
attention, so she “doesn’t want
to involve him in this public circus,” which
constantly surrounds her.