Emma Watson spotted on date with boyfriend-genius

Эмма Уотсон замечена на свидании с бойфрендом-гением

A new novel by Emma Watson, it seems, continues to evolve. In February of this year, many tabloids headlines about the fact that the star of the “Harry Potter” conquered the heart of the computer genius of William Mack knight.

Эмма Уотсон замечена на свидании с бойфрендом-гением

These messages for a long time did not find their confirmation. Only occasionally a few “caught” by the paparazzi. Yesterday Emma and William were again spotted together in new York for a friendly hike.

To call a meeting of young people Dating difficult, at least for the reason that Emma and the knight tried not to show any feelings, kept at a distance from each other.

About the new beloved of Watosn is not much known. Knight older lady for 10 years. He works as a senior Manager in the company Medallia is a computer genius and takes part in cross-country marathons. According to the Sun, the annual income of William is estimated at 150 thousand dollars.

Romantic meeting with your beloved in England, the knight allows himself quite often, because lack of communication pair does not feel.

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